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The Woodman-Scheller Israel Studies International is offering MA Program, that goes beyond traditional disciplinary contours and explores Israel’s history, society, cultures, politics from a range of perspectives with emphasis on independent study and original research. It aims to integrate historical and contemporary perspectives to create a holistic picture of the emergence and realities of the state of Israel.

As a result, the WSISIP has been home to students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds. This, coupled with its international character, which brings together students from multiple countries and diverse cultures, creates a unique learning environment. Naturally, the language of instruction in this international setting is English. Students may choose between the program’s thesis and non-thesis tracks.

Rationale and Goals: Covering over a century of Zionism, the program integrates historical and contemporary perspectives and focuses on the emergence of Zionism, the building of the Yishuv, and the State of Israel. The program’s stress on independent study and research makes methodological and theoretical questions an additional focus. Students are able to take advantage of the unique on-site resources—the Ben-Gurion Archives, a specialized library, and the unique setting in Israel’s Negev Desert.

Admission Requirements: Applicants should hold a B.A. degree from an accredited university with a grade point average equivalent of 80/100 and above.

Program Structure: The program offers two tracks

Thesis Track: designed for students interested in conducting independent research in Israel Studies.

Non-Thesis Track: designed for students interested in deepening and enriching their overall knowledge in the area of Israel Studies.

Scholarships: Scholarships are available to qualifying students.

Dormitories: The Sede Boqer Campus dormitories are home to a vibrant international student community and are offered based on availability.

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