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Theme: Oceanic Circularities: The Indian Ocean in the Modern World

Venue: Georgetown University, Qatar

Date: 16-18 February, 2020

Indian Ocean Working Group (IOWG) in Georgetown University, Qatar has brought together researchers from across the world to build collaborative expertise across the boundaries of traditional area studies. Our distinctive location in Doha puts us at the crossroads between landmasses labelled traditionally as Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and indeed, Europe and North America. As we work with new archives, field sites, and scholarly interlocutors, we endeavor to consolidate existing knowledge as well as create new knowledge on the circularities that define the past and present of Indian Ocean worlds.

We invite papers from new and established scholars producing cutting-edge scholarship on topics ranging from the political economy of trade to the sociocultural dynamics of interlocking littoral societies across this vast oceanic space.

Prospective participants should send a title and abstract of approx. 250 words via a file named Firstname_Lastname.docx to Georgetown Box by November 25, 2019.

For further details please see: Web link