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Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies (CNMS), Germany invites you to an International Webinar on Civil War Memory, Victims’ Narrative, and National Reconciliation in Algeria

Date and Time: 22 May 2021, 14:00- 20:00

Pr. Dr. Rachid Ouaissa, “Opening the Event and Welcoming Participants,” Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Germany

First Panel: Civil Society, Reconciliation, Identity and Healing


Dr. Jessica Northey, “Civil Society, Justice, and Memory: Associations and Reconciliation in Algeria,” Coventry University, Assistant Professor, Center for Trust, Peace, and Social Relation, UK.

Pr. Messaouda Saadouni, “Victims of National Tragedy: Forgiveness and Healing”, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Psychology Department, University of Algiers “2”, Algeria.

Nazim Mekbel, “Algérie, drame d’une crise identitaire”, Independent Researcher (Masters Degree, Sociology, Nice), founder of AJOUAD archive, France.

Moderator: Dr. Faouzia Zeraoulia, research Fellow, The Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Germany.

Second Panel: Memory, Trauma, and Historical Narrative


Dr. Latefa Narriman Guemar, “Fragmented Narratives of the Black Decade: Lamia’s case study-Terror, Trauma, and Gender”, Research Associate, Centre for Migration, Refugees and Belonging, University of East London, UK.

Ikram Berkani, “Trauma Narrative(s) in Mosteghanemi’s Trilogy of Novels,” Ph.D. candidate, Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities, Coventry University, UK.

Dr. Hayette Rouibah, " La mémoire de la diaspora Algérienne en France pendant la décennie noire et le Hirak," Associate Professor, Department of Political Sciences and International Relations, University of Jijel, Algeria.

Dr. Jennifer Howell, “Disappearance Drawn: Rendering the Invisible War Visible through Comics”, Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Illinois State University, USA.

Moderator: Pro. Dr. Susanne Buckley-Zistel, Center for Conflict Research, Philipps University, Germany.

Third Panel: Truth, Impunity, and Past Mobilization


Moussa Bourefis, “The Enforced Disappearance in Algeria: a Crime that Endures,” Human rights Activists (Doctor at Helse Bergen hospital and one of the founders of association Meshaal), Norway.

Dr. Samia Chabouni, "La Politique de réconciliation en Algérie, impunité et crise de confiance”, Associate Professor, Department of Political Sciences and International Relations, University of Jijel, Algeria (invited Lecturer-researcher, LAM, L’IEP, Bordeaux).

Dr. Faouzia Zeraoulia, “Mobilizing Civil War Memory during Political Crises in Post-Conflict Societies: Case of Algeria,” Research Fellow, The Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies.

Moderator: Dr. Christoph H. Schwarz, Research Fellow, Institute for Social Research, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Germany.

For information and access to the webinar: Web Link