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Israiliyat: Journal of Israeli and Judaic Studies (e-ISSN 2645-890X) invites you to send proposals for the fourth annual scholarly International Conference on Israel and Judaism Studies (vICIJS’20)


Conference Dates: December 07-10, 2020

Please note: The conference will be a virtual conference


The aim of the conference is to present new methods of assessing Jewish identity and to identify patterns of Jewish engagement. Recent academic and public discourse on Judaism includes new approaches and understandings of the term "Judaism". The question which is frequently raised, "Who is a Jew?" has been receiving several and different dimensional replies.

The concepts which the new scholarship has been creating are based on the researcher's worldview thus inevitably influencing their research choices and research challenges. The discussion on what is Judaism and who defines himself as a Jew portrays new identities as well as self-definition of various groups/individuals. The impact of the definition non-Jewish definition of who is Jewish is undeniable.

The Conference seeks to address the following questions: Can we define one Jewish identity? If so, from what does it derive? What are the expressions of this identity according to different regions today? How has the Jewish identity been assessed in the past vs. the present by different scholars? How is “the new Jew” described in the Zionist literature? What are the relations between Judaism and Zionism in the current discourse? How do relations between the Jewish communities outside Israel define their "Jewishness" and what is their affinity to Israel?

The Conference may include not only the traditional areas in Judaic Studies but also various disciplines such as current political issues, international relations, history and sociology in in Israel Studies. The point of views presented in the conference will be multidimensional: Zionism, Israeli culture and politics, the conflict between Palestine and Israel, Hebrew Literature, Education in Israel, various interpretations of Judaism as a belief system and historical backgrounds etc.

vICIJS’20 also is pleased to announce the annual rewards delivered for the fourth time for the distinguished dissertations/ theses in the field of Israel and Judaism Studies in the categories of history, politics and religion in both the M.A. and PhD. decrees. Moreover, articles and original/translated books having scientific research methods will also be awarded.

The publishing and application/ registration procedures in pre-conference consist of four stages: (i) application by submitting an abstract, (ii) registration by submitting the full text and/or (iii) research articles, (iv) and participation by submitting the pre-recorded video.

The file should be sent to

Deadline for Abstract: November 15, 2020

Notification of Acceptance: After Review Process without any Loss of Time

Deadline for Full Text and/or Research Article Submission and pre-Recorded Video Submission: November 30, 2020

This year due to the calamity in the World, the presenters are expected to prepare a video record which has to be sent before November 30, 2020. The video presentations can be prepared in any language if subtitled in English or Turkish. The best Abstracts and full papers will be edited into the Proceeding and Abstract Book. Then extended and revised versions of the conference full papers will be published in Israiliyat Journal or an edited book after the referee process.

For more details, E-mail: