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Volume 7 Issue 4, December 2020

Table of Contents


P. R. Kumaraswamy


Minority Representation and Reserved Legislative Seats in Iraqi Kurdistan

Farhad Hassan Abdullah and Hawre Hasan Hama

Degree of Adaptation of Jerusalem Palestinian Students at Israeli Academic Colleges

Omar Mizel

Bridging or Widening the Gap? Narrative Discourses of the West and Westerners in Jordan’s My American Neighbor Television Program

Sumaya Kubeisy and Bradley C. Freeman

Ethnicity and Elections in Eastern Turkey: What do the Kurds Want?

Mesut Yeğen, Uğraş Ulaş Tol, and Mehmet Ali Çalışkan

From National Liberation War to Self-defense: A Historical Glance at Öcalan’s Perspective on Violence

H. Bahadır Türk

Theorizing the Change: A Neoclassical Realist Approach to Turkish Foreign Policy

Mehmet Şahin

China’s Strategic Partnership with Kuwait: New Opportunities for the Belt and Road Initiative

Mordechai Chaziza

Review Essay

Alaa Al-Aswany (2019). The Dictatorship Syndrome

Joseph A. Kéchichian