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P. R. Kumaraswamy


Morocco and Sub-Saharan Africa: In the Shadow of the Western Sahara Dispute

Michael B. Bishku

Regime Security in Jordan Revisited: New Challenges to the Monarchy’s Resilience After the Arab Spring

Takuro Kikkawa

Constraints and Adjustments in the US–Yemeni Relations

Jacob Abadi

Israel and Turkey: Once Comrades Now Frenemies

Tuğçe Ersoy Ceylan

The Role of Systemic and Leadership Factors in Influencing Malaysia’s Joint Military Involvement in the Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen, 2015–2018

Asmady Idris and Asri Salleh

Book Reviews

Ben Hubbard (2020). MBS: The Rise to Power of Mohammed Bin Salman

Reviewed by Prabhat Jawla

Yeşim Kaptan and Ece Algan (eds.). (2020), Television in Turkey: Local Production, Transnational Expansion and Political Aspirations

Reviewed by Mohammed Alrmizan