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China’s Strategic Partnership with Kuwait: New Opportunities for the Belt and Road Initiative

Mordechai Chaziza


In July 2018, the Kuwaiti Emir made a state visit of great significance to China, as both countries agreed to establish a strategic partnership creating new opportunities for Kuwait, which aspires to diversify its economy and seek investment opportunities. This study investigates various aspects behind the establishment of this partnership and examines the synergy between the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Kuwait Vision 2035 (KV2035) to understand the extent of economic engagement and relationship between the two nations. However, despite the considerable increase in Chinese trade and investments in Kuwait, some significant internal obstacles and external challenges remain to the successful integration of KV2035 with the BRI.

Keywords: Belt and Road Initiative, China, GCC, Kuwait, Persian Gulf, Silk City, strategic partnership

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pp. 501–519