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Flying to Jerusalem over the Years

P. R. Kumaraswamy


The Relationship between the State and the New Media in Egypt:  A Dynamic of Openness, Adaptation, and Narrowing

Limor Lavie and Bosmat Yefet

Use of Social Media in Teaching High School Students: A Case of  United Arab Emirates

Badreya Al Jenaibi and Alyazi Al Mansoori

Turkey and the United Arab Emirates: From Cooperation to Rivalry

Michael B. Bishku

Business as Usual? The Post-Brexit Impacts on UK and UAE Relations

Justin Gibbins

China–Turkey Relations from the Perspective of Neoclassical Realism

Mustafa Cüneyt Özşahin, Federico Donelli and Riccardo Gasco

China’s Conflict Management in the Middle East: Involvement  without Impact?

İrem Aşkar Karakır

Book Reviews

Sethumadhavan (2017), Aliyah: The Last Jew in the Village; Esther David (2018), Bombay Brides

Reviewed by Rohit Kumar Sharma

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