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Contemporary Review of the Middle East: Volume 8 Issue 2, June 2021



P. R. Kumaraswamy


Syria’s Sect-coded Conflict: From Hezbollah’s Top-down Instrumentalization of Sectarian Identity to Its Candid Geopolitical Confrontation

Hadi Wahab

The Past as a Benchmark in Defining Turkey’s Status Politics

Hakan Mehmetcik and Ferit Belder

Re-adapting to Changing Middle Eastern Politics: The Modification in  Turkey’s Actor Perception and Turkey-Free Syrian Army (FSA) Relations

Mustafa Yetim and Tamer Kaşıkcı

The Pendulum of Majoritarianism: Turkey’s Governmental Self-Identity and Turkish–Egyptian Relations

Mustafa Onur Tetik

On Democracy in Iran in the Islamic Republic Era: A Knowledge-based  Social Outline

Morteza Mirzanejad, Sirous Amerian and Negar Partow

Review Essay

Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl. (2020), Quagmire in Civil War

Reviewed by Joseph Kéchichian