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Dateline MEI

When Netanyahu Rocks the Israel Boat, Nero Style

P. R. Kumaraswamy


The National Reconciliation Process in Algeria During  the Bouteflika’s Era: The Official Narrative

Faouzia Zeraoulia

An Analysis of Yemen’s Geostrategic Significance  and Saudi-Iranian Competition for Regional Hegemony

Yahya Koshaimah and Xiaolong Zou

The Relations of Vietnam with the Middle East-North  Africa Region: From a Divided State to an Important  Member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Michael B. Bishku

Neo-Ottoman Turk-Scape: Analyzing  the Role of Dizis as Türkiye’s Soft Power Mohammad Reyaz and Zeba Khan

Invented Tradition as a Theoretical Approach Within  Iranian Memory Studies:  A Review

Mohammad Rasouli

Book Reviews

Lemmon, G. T. (2021). The Daughters of Kobani:  The Women Who Took on the Islamic State

Reviewed by Anuradha Jangra

Mohamed Zayani (Ed.) (2022). A Fledgling Democracy:  Tunisia in the Aftermath of the Arab Uprisings

 Reviewed by Chandra Prakash

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