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Dateline MEI

India’s Egyptian Gateway to the Middle East

P. R. Kumaraswamy


The Representation of Social Classes in Iranian Cinema  During the Reformist Era, 2001–2005

Ehsan Aqababaee and Katja Rieck

Human Rights in the Gulf Cooperation Council  (GCC) States: Prospects for Positive Change

Scott Walker

“Revolutionary Youth” in Egypt: Interfaith Relations  Since the 2011 Revolution

Toby Kan

Revolution, Change, and Democratic Transition in  Egypt Since 2011: A Critical Political Economy Approach

Ziad Koussa

US Invasion of Iraq, 2003: Indirect Link of ISIS Rising

Ofer Israeli

Book Reviews

Talmiz Ahmad (2022). West Asia at War: Repression,  Resistance and Great Power Games

Reviewed by Anmol Kumar

Li-Chen Sim and Jonathan Fulton (Eds.) (2023). Asian Perceptions of Gulf Security

Reviewed by Javad Heiran-Nia

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