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Article: Emergence of Fine Art Photography in Israel in the 1970s to the 1990s Through Pedagogical and Social Links with the United States

Author: Tal-Or K. Ben-Choreen


The flourishing of photography as a tool for expressive reportage and artistic practice transformed photographic education during the mid-twentieth century. American-based academic institutions quickly established reputations in the emerging fine art field as leaders in photographic education drawing international students from diverse locations, including Israel. Many Israelis who studied photography in American institutions returned to Israel bringing with them the knowledge they had gained while abroad. This article considers the impact of American pedagogical models and social networks on the development of the Israeli photographic field. Included in this discussion is an exploration of the emergence of Israeli photography programs in institutions of higher education, photography galleries, museum collections, and exhibitions. By approaching the study through a network methodological approach, this article traces the transnational movements of individuals: photographers, program graduates, and curators in order to demonstrate the significant impact American photographic education had on the emerging Israeli photographic field.

pp. 252–265

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