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Volume 7 Issue 2, June 2020

Table of Contents

Dateline MEI

Trump Legalizes Israeli Settlements

P. R. Kumaraswamy


Military, Civilian, or Both: David Ben-Gurion’s Perception of National Security After the War of Independence

Yoram Fried

Regional Power Role and Intervention: The Turkish Case Over Syria in the 2000s

Ay¸segül Sever

Critiquing Israeli Society Through Mirroring in Asaf Hanuka’s “The Realist”

Matt Reingold

Egyptian Orthodox Church Among Inconsistent Political and Social Contexts

Ahmed M. Amin

Assessing the Astana Peace Process for Syria: Actors, Approaches, and Differences 200

Sinem Cengiz

Israel’s Gas Diplomacy with Egypt

Hirak Jyoti Das

Book Reviews

Patrick Milton, Michael Axworthy and Brendan Simms (2018). Towards A Westphalia for the Middle East By Sweta Basak