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Rethinking the Egyptian–Israeli Peace Treaty: Perceptions and Receptions within Egyptian Society (1977–1982)

Rami Ginat and Marwan Abu-Ghazaleh Mahajneh


The Egyptian–Israeli peace treaty marked a new era in the history of the Arab–Israeli conflict. Relying methodologically on the history of ideas and diplomatic history, this article sheds light on the diversity of the perceptions and receptions of peace and relations with Israel as manifested by two influential Egyptian public opinion shapers who represented polar approaches—the mouthpiece of the Muslim Brothers—the journal Al-Da‘wa and Rūz al-Yūsuf, the semi-independent liberal weekly with a moderate left bias. The timeframe is 1977–1982—from Sadat’s historical visit to Jerusalem to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and its impact on the budding Israeli–Egyptian relations.

Keywords: Israel, Egypt, civilian, culture, economy, Muslim brotherhood, Al-Da‘wa, Rūz al-Yūsuf

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pp. 9–30