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P. R. Kumaraswamy


Rethinking the Egyptian–Israeli Peace Treaty: Perceptions and Receptions Within Egyptian Society (1977–1982)

Rami Ginat and Marwan Abu-Ghazaleh Mahajneh

Public Sector Employment as a Social Welfare Policy: The “Social Contract” and Failed Job Creation for Youth in Egypt

Yusuke Kawamura

Maps of the West Bank in Jordanian Postage Stamps, 1952–1985

Michael Sharnoff

Propaganda and Radicalization: The Case of Daesh in Iran

Jamileh Kadivar

The Role of Gulf Cooperation Council in Conflict Management, 1981–2019: A Comparative Study

Amira Ahmed Elsayed Abdelkhalek

Book Reviews

Rajendra M. Abhyankar (2020), Syria: The Tragedy of a Pivotal State

Reviewed by Nawar Kassomeh

Lia Brozgal (2020). Absent the Archive: Cultural Traces of a Massacre in Paris, 17 October 1961

Reviewed by Mohamed Chamekh

Uri Bialer (2020). Israeli Foreign Policy: A People Shall Not Dwell Alone

Reviewed by Alvite Ningthoujam

Ibrahim Fraihat (2020). Iran and Saudi Arabia: Taming the Chaotic Conflict

Reviewed by Prabhat Jawla