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Mayuri Mukherjee is doctoral candidate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, where she is researching global governance of emerging technologies. Previously, she worked on the edit-oped teams of the Mint and The Pioneer in Delhi, writing the daily editorials and commenting on foreign policy and security issues. Her work has also appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Diplomat, Defense and Security Alert, India Perspectives and The Statesman. In 2017, she was a visiting fellow with the Stimson Centre’s South Asia programme in Washington, DC.

 Ms Mukherjee has an MA in International Security and Diplomacy from Tel Aviv University, where she was a Tata Foundation scholar and the recipient of an educational grant from the Government of Israel. She also has an MS in Journalism from West Virginia University, and a BA in English Literature from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta University. She has lived and worked in Kolkata, New York, New Delhi, and Tel Aviv.