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The JIJS is the initiative of Professor Nathan Katz of Florida International University and Prof. Braj Mohan Sinha of University of Saskatchewan and the inaugural issue was published in April 1998. Since then JIJS had 16 volumes and with effect from volume 17, the JIJS moves to Middle East Institute, New Delhi (MEI@ND) and will be published only an online journal. Towards reaching a wider audience and reduce distance, space and hence time, all the issues of JIJS, including the previous ones will be available freely. 

Upon MEI taking over the JIJS, Prof. Katz and Prof. Sinha who had looked after the JIJS from 1998 have consented to be recognized as the Founding Editors of the JIJS.

Professor P R Kumaraswamy, Honorary Director of MEI@ND and also professor in Jawaharlal Nehru University, takes over as Editor of the JIJS from 2019. All communications regarding JIJS should be sent to