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I.         Israeli raid on the Gaza flotilla  

1.     Israel’s Brutality 

Roznama Munsif (The Judge), Daily, Hyderabad

Editorial, 2 June 2010, Wednesday 

The worst incident in history of the world was the creation of the Zionist state of Israel in 1948, a slap in the face of Islamic world. The so-called story of holocaust against Jews at the hands of the Nazis was made an excuse to establish Israel. The cursed nation, in turn, has made the life of Palestinians a hell and has pushed them out of their home forcing them to live in refugee camps. Although the story of Israeli brutality and barbarism is long, which cannot be written in minutes or hours, but recent incidents are good enough to tell the story of its tyrannical nature. Israel attacked Gaza in 2006 and made its 1.5 million residents practically prisoners. The Israeli siege of Gaza has denied its residents even food and water. These people have for long used the tunnels, opening in Egypt, for continuing with their life, but Israel has even started to blow up these tunnels seizing the only source of their life. The Jewish intrusion into the Al-Aqsa mosque also continues without any fear or retribution.  

The residents of Gaza nowadays are dependent on international, aid but even this is not acceptable to Israel, which wants the Palestinians to either die or surrender. But even after this tyranny, the courage and faith of the people of Gaza is laudable, since they have not stopped their opposition. This is the reason why Israel wants to stop even the aid reaching Gaza to break their courage. The fresh and horrific example of this is Israel’s attack on six Turkish aid ships for Palestine. This brutality by Israel has led to the death of around twenty aid activists. Israel had prepared the attack the moment these ships set sail from the Turkish coast. The whole world has criticised Israel for this barbaric act and there has been continuous demonstrations all over the world. 

This flotilla of aid that started from the Turkish city of Istanbul is a result of recent Islamic awareness in Turkey, which was the first to recognise Israel. Now its foreign policy is changing and it criticises Israel’s every inhuman act. Also, after Israel’s attack on the aid ships, the government of Turkey, in a very daring decision, has recalled its ambassador from Israel and has announced that the Zionist state will have to pay a heavy price for this. This step of Turkey should be enough to wake up the international community from their slumber and they should also recall their ambassadors from this tyrannical state and cut all their political, social, commercial and cultural ties with the Zionist state.  

This brutal act of Israel has been criticised by almost all the countries including the US and the UN. The EU has demanded investigation into the incident, even though it is very much clear that this attack has been carried out by the Zionist state. If an investigation is started conceding to the EU demands, then this report will see the fate of Richard Goldstone Report on Israel’s invasion and barbarism during the Gaza War. The Arab League, Security Council, UN and NATO have summoned emergency meetings after the Israeli attack. But only condemnation and emergency meeting are not going to work, because all past emergency meetings have proved as useless exercise. Israel has killed at least 20 activists. These people carrying aid for the Gaza residents did not belong to one country but were of different nationalities. This shows that this barbaric act of Israel is against the whole world and would the world remain silent even now? 

The need is to isolate Israel in response of its barbaric acts. If America, that has always backed Israel in all its tyrannies, continues with the same strategy even now, then Israel would become a tumour not just for the Arabs but for the whole world and the dream of establishment of the state of Palestine would become a dream for ever.  

Source: Roznama Munsif  


2.     Another Example of Israeli Barbarism

Roznama Rashtriya Sahara (The National Sahara Daily), New Delhi

Editorial, 2 June 2010, Wednesday 

The inhuman Israeli commando attack on the aid flotilla heading for Gaza is another proof of Israeli barbarism, but for the apologists of the Israeli tyrannies the news of Israeli attack needs investigation. This is the reason that even after the news of killing of twenty persons and taking hostage of more than fifty in Israel’s attack on aid flotilla, the EU, with criminal caution, has demanded investigation of the incident. 

The aid ships that were attacked by the Israeli commandoes were in international waters at a distance of 60 kilometres from the Israeli coast. The flotilla of six ships was going towards Gaza containing aid material on humanitarian grounds. Apart from that there were a number of peace activist on board these ships who were showing their sympathy towards Palestinians. Among them were Nobel laureates, European Member of Parliaments, writers and journalists. Although the US has not yet reacted to this incident, but it is almost certain that, as usual, the US will use its diplomatic shrewdness and avoid any tough words against Israel. But the American people are laudable, who have always raised their voice against Israeli high handedness. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs, in spite of its growing friendship with the US and enhanced relations with Israel, has condemned the Israeli attack in clear words. A statement from MEA said that a long lasting peace and security in the region can be achieved through peaceful dialogue and not by use of force. 

As a matter of fact Israel, right from its establishment, never wanted to allow a serious effort for long term peace and security in the region. The history of Israel is a proof that it has invested all its power and energy in intimidating its Arab neighbours, weakening them and to keep them under fear. Has it not been that, Israel’s relations with all its Islamic neighbours would have been better and the peace negotiations with Palestine would have moved forward or, may be, the problem would have been solved. However, on the contrary, whenever there is increased pressure on Israel for peace negotiations, it has sabotaged the possibility of peace by announcing illegal Jewish settlements on the occupied lands. So, to expect seriousness from Israel regarding long-term peace would be a dream and self deception. 

The statement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the attack also shows that the Zionist state does not want peace in the Middle East. By supporting the commando attack on aid convoy going to Gaza, Netanyahu has proved Israeli government’s involvement in the illegal and tyrannical operation. Israel had earlier announced that it will not allow these ships to reach Gaza. It argues that 15,000 tonnes of supplies are allowed to enter into Gaza every week, but according to UN this is not even one-fourth of what is needed. In this situation what is the reason to stop the supply? More shameful act is that even human right activists are not left and those who were going to show their sympathy for the humanitarian situation in Gaza are targeted. The question is that if it would have been some other country, in particular Iran or any Arab country, what would have been the reaction of the US and EU? Has the world community lost courage to speak out against Israel that has imposed economic blockade against Gaza? Will the UN continue to tolerate the perpetrators of war in Middle East? Isn’t it a crime to not do anything for the suppressed people of Palestine? Although there have been reports of demonstrations not only in the Arab countries but even in the US, it is high time that human r activists put pressure on respective governments to consider tough measures against Israel. Else none would be able to save the Middle East from disaster.

Source: Roznama Rashtriya Sahara  


3.     Hypocrisy at its Best 

Inquilab (The Revolution), Mumbai

Editorial, 2 June 2010, Wednesday 

Had the whole world condemned Israel in one voice, it could have been said that the all pervasive hypocrisy and diplomacy also fail at times. But this did not happen. Currently Tel Aviv is being criticised all over the world, but either cautiously or in mild words. Very few countries openly criticised Tel Aviv and showed their discontent very clearly. 

Isn’t it an irony that many Arab countries chose to remain silent, EU did not say anything (except demanding an investigation), the US wants to know the ‘truth’ when the truth of killing and destruction is open for all to see and the UN instead of using its influence, is trying to tame Israel’s terror with toothless measures? If it is not hypocrisy, then what is it? On the one hand, the world talks about peace and human rights while on the other hand it does not take any action against such incidents, not to anguish Israel and the US. It is for this hypocrisy that Israel survives, but history proves that right from the first day of its establishment, it has been more than six decades, Israel has become more dangerous and proves its predatory nature. The latest example is its attack on ships carrying human right activists.  

The US is most worried about this attack. Its new President, Barack Obama, announced with much fanfare that the US wants to bridge the gap between it and the Muslim world and promised to solve the Palestinian problem. The justice and peace loving world started to have some expectation from him, but his silence shows that it is not the President of the US who is changed, only the face and name changed. All else remain the same, the policy, the deceptive strategy, siding with the oppressor and fake sympathy with the oppressed remain unchanged. Whether it is George Bush or Barack Obama, when it comes to Israel the US Presidents become tamed lions. The need of the hour was that the US President should have acted on the basis of the already clear truth that did not need any further investigation and would have tried to motivate the world opinion. It was possible’ history is witness to American Presidents using the UN for their own priorities and benefits. Can’t it be used against the genuine purpose of human rights violation? 

It can certainly be done, if there is no strategic and hypocrite interest involved. The question is what proof the US and UN require? Cannot it see people are losing their lives? Does it see more truth in Israel’s lie that it was the human rights activist who fired first? These are rubbish talks which can only be accepted by someone who loves the international liar, that is, Israel. The flag bearers of humanism who set sail for Gaza were neither anti-social nor anti-human like Israel. They were on a peace mission and there is no chance of them carrying weapons. Even then they were immediately accused. This is a special type of Israeli tactics in which even the US and UN are a party, so that the matter passes, people’s anger can be controlled and the matter then be forgotten like thousands of other Israeli wickedness. And you will see that this matter will also be forgotten and nothing will happen to Tel Aviv. It is a different matter that it will not be able to clean its blood stained dress. 

Source: Inquilab  


4.     Beginning of the End 

Roznama Urdu Times (The Urdu Times Daily), Mumbai

Editorial, 2 June 2010, Wednesday

After the killing of a Hamas leader in Dubai by agents of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, Israel’s attack on Gaza aid flotilla is not just its second political defeat but it also lost the Gaza war. Egypt, which is not just Israel’s neighbour but, unfortunately, its close ally and friend, reacted to the attack on this aid flotilla by immediately opening the land border at Rafah with Gaza. This incident was first reported in Israeli newspaper ‘Ha’aretz’ on Tuesday (1 June) and very few newspapers carried this news even on Wednesday. This unexpected pro-Palestine move by Egypt made Israel release three hundred of the six hundred human right activist detainees from Beersheba jail who were brought to Ben-Gurion airport and deported to their countries, which also included 53 activists from Pakistan and Turkey. Three hundred Turkish human right activists are still in Beer Sheba jail (who were detained from the ship while it was attacked on Sunday), but they would also be released certainly by Thursday because Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan took a very stern stand on this issue. He talked to the US President Barack Obama on telephone making it clear that Turkey will completely cut off its ties with Israel. Turkish ambassador in Tel Aviv has been recalled on Monday itself. Nicaragua is the first country that cut off its ties with Israel in protest. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu met the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington on Wednesday and demanded action against Israeli terrorism. However, Hillary Clinton conveyed her incapability in taking any tough stand.  

Another reason for the immediate release of foreign detainees from Beer Sheba jail was pressure from NATO which, for the first time in its history, took a tough stand against Israel in its emergency meeting. On Sunday, immediately after the Israeli attack, the governor of northern district of Egypt, Sinai, Murad Maufi announced opening of the Rafah border on humanitarian grounds to lessen the problem of Palestinians after Israeli attack. After attack on aid convoy and taking captive of the ships, the leadership of Hamas that controls Gaza also appealed to open the Rafah border. Khalid Masha’al, Damascus based Hamas leader, asked Egypt to take benefit of the situation and open the Rafah border so that aid supply can be restored through land route. Egyptian authorities for the first time responded to Hamas’s appeal with fraternal spirit and thousands of Palestinians benefitted from this. As per Egyptian government notification, the Rafah border will remain open from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening till further notice. However, Palestinians would be allowed to take only food and medicine and also foreign aid would be allowed to enter into Gaza. But ban on concrete and other construction material would continue.  

On the other hand, at least two more aid ships are going towards Gaza. One ship belongs to Ireland that is carrying food items and aid workers from Ireland and Malaysia. In fact this ship was also part of the same flotilla that was attacked by Israel in international waters on Sunday near Gaza, killing ten activists and injuring more than fifty. But it got delayed due to some reason and remained safe. Also, an office bearer of the European ‘Free Gaza Movement’, Greta Berlin said that they have not lost faith and another of their aid ship has left the Italian coast for Gaza that has on board more than thirty Human Right activists and volunteers. This ship will meet the Irish ship and both will try to enter Gaza together. Greta Berlin said that ‘our movement will not be put on hold and Israel will have to end the Gaza blockade...’ The ship also has on board a Nobel peace prize laureate Mairead McGuire and former deputy secretary of UN General Denis Halliday. The ships have full backing of Italy and Ireland. Mairead McGuire and Denis Halliday said that the Israeli barbarism has enhanced our will and now we will our self take the aid material to Gaza. 

It seems that it is the beginning of the end of Israeli repulsion and Gaza blockade. The international outcry against Israel has shocked the Zionist entity. In the entire episode, the role of the US, Britain and France is very clearly in favour of their Zionist ally but it also shows that in future the anti-Israel stand of China and NATO countries would be decisive compared to these countries. 

Source: Roznama Urdu Times

5.     Open Aggression by Israel 

Roznama Siasat (The Politics Daily), Hyderabad

Editorial, 2 June 2010, Wednesday 

Some Arab counties are proud of their wealth, they keep their wealth in banks of western countries, they hold the West as their lord and get satisfied of safety of their wealth by keeping it in their banks. But they do nothing for the safety of Palestinians, who are victims of Israeli aggression, tyranny and criminal intimidation, to uphold the respect and freedom of Palestine and to affirm the holiness of sacred religious places. Israeli military attacked the aid flotilla heading for Gaza and killed nineteen workers. The Arab world should have protested this heinous crime vehemently and shook the West. But like earlier times only a few condemnations were issued. Till now only Turkey, which was an Israeli ally some time back, has recalled its ambassador from Tel Aviv in protest. Israel challenged the whole peace loving world and justified the attack on ship as its right. This clearly shows that now Israel is up to open aggression and by justifying all its actions wants to demean the self respect of Arab world. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are suffering from hunger and thirst due to Israeli blockade of Gaza, to help these people some voluntary organisations together with Turkish government tried to bring aid but this also became a bone of contention for Israel. The Jewish power wants to achieve its ambition by the collective punishment of Palestinians and it wants to occupy the land of Middle East. Any condemnation of Israeli aggression at international level is not enough to put shame on Israel. To stop the aid Israeli soldiers attacked aid ships in international waters. Israeli action in sea, at a distance of 65 kilometres from Gaza coast, is completely against international law because Israel has exhibited its bloody aggression outside its boundaries, which shows the growing rouge behaviour of Israel that can be a threat to international peace. Israel’s action in international waters should be an alarm for Arab as well as other countries including the US and UN. If the protectors of Israel in the garb of security do not wake up, then the whole Arab world and Europe would become a victim of Israeli expansionist policy. Israel has proved that it can be a danger for the security for others by attacking the aid ship. The aid flotilla consisted of ships from Britain, Ireland, Algeria, Kuwait, Greece and Turkey. A Turkish NGO organised this aid for the people of Gaza in collaboration with relief mission of several countries. These ships had on board 700 passengers including one Nobel Prize winner and several European parliamentarians. The inhuman action of Jews to stop this humanitarian aid of ten thousand tonnes of goods was criticised at international level, including by India, but it would hardly affect Israel as the US and some other western powers are behind its militarization. It is becoming an international threat by flexing its military muscles. In Middle East, the chaos in West Bank and Gaza has further weakened the Palestinians. PLO President Mahmud Abbas’s refusal for a settlement with Hamas has given Israel an open window for aggression. If the Palestinians come together and the Arabs wake up to the problem of Middle East then it can be helpful in putting an end to Israeli expansionist policy and aggressive ambitions. The sad part is that, whenever there is a question of action against Israel, the Arab League including other countries, had to wait for the approval of the western powers. But this should not be the case now, as Israeli military has challenged the whole world by attacking the peace activists. If the Arab world and the peace loving countries do not wake up to Israeli threat even now, then it can become a more serious threat. 

Source: Roznama Siasat  


6.     There would be International Movement against Jews

Roznama Sahafat (The Journalism Daily), New Delhi

Editorial, 3 June 2010, Thursday

Are those people in politics and administration, mainly in police and intelligence agencies, who praise Israel, listening? These people liked Israel because Israel is a democracy that is surrounded by deplorable Arab states. They sympathised with Israel because they are the children of the Nazi holocaust victims, which the neighbouring Arab countries want to destroy. It is very sad that Israel and Israelis do not agree with it. If it would have been a democracy, then the government of Israel would have constituted an enquiry commission into the barbarism of its soldiers immediately and if the people of Israel were under oppression they would not have done the same tyranny towards the aid flotilla going to Gaza as was done by Hitler against them. The fact is that today’s Israel is yesterday’s Nazi Germany and Netanyahu is in no way less than Hitler, as he is defending his navy for this barbaric act. Just see, what is the stand of the government of Israel on this inhuman incident? As per the news, the government of Israel claimed that the ship that was attacked by Israeli soldiers from helicopters was full of people carrying knife, sticks and other sharp edged weapons through which they attacked Israeli soldiers and ‘the soldiers’ fired ‘in defence’, which killed more than twenty people. These people who came from far off places and were journalists, intellectuals, writers and social workers ‘attacked’ modern sophisticated Israeli soldiers with knives and other such weapons. The ships were not carrying aid materials for the distressed people of Gaza but were full of bombs, missiles and rockets. So, it was not the human feeling that brought them to the harbour but the ‘wish for death’. It is a clear lie which can be accepted by only those who have vowed to not listen to any other argument. Let’s see the reaction of Israeli media on this shameful incident. A senior reporter of Israel’s largest selling English newspaper, Ha’aretz (Land of Israel), Amos Harel writes in its Tuesday, June 1 issue, ‘Israeli Defence Forces (an irony that Israel has named its aggressive forces as Defence Force) had not to do much in clarifying to the people of Israel regarding yesterday’s attack on a ship that the soldiers who descended from helicopters had to face a very aggressive crowd that attacked it with knives and sticks. Then what is surprising that the soldiers had to fire in their defence. The situation at international level is completely opposite. Israel will never be able to clarify that how come so many unarmed people were killed without any casualty from its side and most of the dead belong to those countries which were our close regional friend. This incident demands a serious investigation of our policy making mechanism and its implementation. The official spokesperson remained busy in explaining that the crowd became aggressive and put the life of soldiers in danger. This argument, however, cannot deflect from the question that why such incident occur and is there no alternative from it’. The Indian lovers of Israel should be ashamed that a reporter of Israeli newspaper is writing this while in India the so called national media, except the Urdu press, had no time to console the death of these innocent people. Anyhow, this incident has completely uncovered the face of Israel, and we fear that the argument of anti-Semitism that acts as shield of Israel become meaningless. It would not be surprising if this incident leads to a movement of hate against Jews. After the killing of Mahmud Mabouh, this is a second incident that has broken the mask ‘of oppressed’ from Israel. This incident should be condemned by all flag bearers of humanism all over the world.

Source: Roznama Sahafat  


7.     Protests all over the World against Israeli Aggression

Dawat Online (Invitation), New Delhi

Editorial, 4 June 2010, Friday 

The Attack on Freedom Flotilla carrying Aid for Gaza Residents an Act of State Terror 

The terrorist attack by Israeli soldiers on freedom flotilla carrying aid for blockaded people of Gaza has enraged the whole world. It is being condemned from all around. It is not just the Arab and Muslim world that is protesting but it has also aroused public outcry in the US, Britain, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, on one side, defended this attack by saying that Israel has full right to defend itself and, on the other side, he expressed his condolence for the loss of life during this operation. This has had most severe public and official reaction in Turkey where many large protest demonstrations were organised. Turkish Prime Minister who was on official visit to Latin America cancelled his visit and returned to Turkey. He likened this action to state terror. Likewise, head of Turkish military cancelled his foreign trip. Turkey also announced cancellation of the proposed military exercise with Israel as well as recalling of its ambassador from Israel. Turkey also warned Israel that this incident will have major effect on bilateral relations. 

Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, on the other hand, has termed this action an inhuman act by the Zionist government. Chairman of Arab League Amr Moussa, termed this incident as ‘crime’ and said that the organisation comprising 22 Arab states is mulling over its next strategy. Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas has termed the Israeli attack as genocide. He announced a three day condolence condemning the attack in severe words. There is huge anguish in Arab world over this incident. Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Muslim countries have also condemned the incident. Pakistan, terming the attack as inhuman, said that this is against international law. It was also criticised by the United Nations. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has said that he is very distressed by this incident. Britain also criticised the incident. The US has also stated its sadness on the loss of life during the incident. There were huge protests in Greece and Spain as well. The state also has reacted and summoned Israeli envoys to give clarification. Human Rights and aid organisations also have condemned the incident in strong words. China condemned this incident openly. However, India termed this incident as condemnable without naming Israel.  

Meanwhile, the 15 member Security Council called an emergency meeting on Monday, May 31, on the request of Turkey and Lebanon, where Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Devutoglu criticised Israel and termed the incident as piracy. He described the use of force by Israel as inappropriate and disproportionate. The aid ships had on board 700 volunteers in support of Palestinians as well as it was carrying ten thousand tonnes of important commodities. These ships left for Gaza on Sunday, May 30. The six ship flotilla was led by Turkish ship Mavi Marmara, which was in international waters near Israel, when it was intercepted and took under control forcibly by Israeli soldiers. The Security Council members condemned this act of violence and demanded investigation. They also demanded unconditional freedom for aid workers who belong to 32 different countries. The council also emphasised on immediate lifting of Israeli blockade. It should be kept in mind that more than 15 activists were killed in this Israeli aggressive action. 

The inhuman aggression by Israel was also severely criticised by many Muslim organisations in India. Jamiat-e-Islami Hind, Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, Students Islamic Organisation of India, Jamiat-e-Ulama-e-Hind etc. have strongly condemned this incident. The president of Jamiat-e-Islami Hind, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri described this action as inhuman and appealed to the international community that it should take effective steps to help the blockaded people of Gaza. He also termed it as completely against International Muslim norms and expressed his sorrow on the loss of life. The SIO also termed the incident as inhuman and its President K K Sohail also expressed condolences over the death of peace activists describing it as a major disaster. 

Source: Dawat Online

8.     Israeli Aggression

Dawat Online (Invitation), New Delhi

Editorial, 7 June 2010, Monday 

The condition of people of Gaza is known all over the world but others are not as informed as the western world of the severe conditions. American authorities have seen their condition. The condition of this area after Israeli aggression has been experienced firsthand by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon as he visited the place immediately after return of Israeli forces. Spokesperson of the EU has also observed the situation. Both agree that they have no words to describe the condition of people of Gaza. In short they are pushed into inhuman conditions by Israel. Houses are in complete ruins. The urban amenities like electricity, water, industries don’t exist there as they have been pulled down. Medicine and treatment is also in short supply, people are struggling for food and clothes. Nobody can even take medicine to Gaza without the Israeli permission. No law or religion allows creation of such a situation even for an individual but here the whole population is pushed to such conditions. The only source of contact with outside world was also closed down by pressurising the Egyptian government. So Gaza has been turned into a kind of prison. Israel is its jailor. This situation is inhuman. It is hard to imagine the condition of people of Gaza. The whole world accepts that the situation cannot be described in words, simultaneously it is also agreed that nobody can be allowed to do this and this should be ended immediately.  

According to the international organisations, it is known to all that this population needs aid on human grounds. The quantity of food and medicine that is required is not reaching them. The only reason is that Israel has sealed the place and is not allowing anyone to enter the area. What protects the international organisations from taking any measure after observing and knowing the whole situation? Should it be taken as it does not want to do anything or the case is different? It is not a matter of days, neither of weeks but its continuing for years. The Israeli aggression of last year has further deteriorated the situation. It was appealed by the entire peace loving world that Israel should care for human values but none had the power to make Israel ashamed. In such a situation some people on humanitarian grounds decided to reach them and help them although symbolically. They had put themselves in great danger by taking such a decision because they knew that Israel would not allow this, but they had support of a government which not just encouraged them but also helped them. They specially planned not to enter Israeli boundaries and move towards their destination at distance from it. At the time they were attacked then also their ship was in international waters, outside Israeli boundary; they respected the international law in toto, there was nothing on the ship that was prohibited, even then they were attacked. It can just be termed sea piracy, which was rightly condemned by continues. But the need of the hour is that steps should be taken to prevent any such occurrence in future.

Source: Dawat Online  

 9.     Necessary to Reign In

Dawat Online (Invitation), New Delhi

Editorial, 11 June 2010, Friday 

The barbaric act by Israeli commandos last Monday (31 May) was being condemned from all sides and the criticism got more severe, when immediately afterwards Israeli Navy stopped another aid ship going towards Gaza and made it captive in the name of inspection. This time it did not behave with that impunity towards the volunteers as it did with the freedom flotilla but its aggressive behaviour still continues. Prime Minister Netanyahu retreated that they will repeat their act while the US and Britain, protectors of Israel, have again defended Israel. Although, the incident was such that they could not defend it openly, even then the U.S President said that no decision can be taken without knowing all the facts and it was due to the US and Britain that no United Nations Security Council Resolution could be passed with severe criticism of Israel. This is the reason Israel could muster enough courage to stop the next convoy. It does not care for the world. It does whatever it wants without heeding to what others are saying. It stopped the first aid ship and gave a lame excuse for its attack on workers and also said that there were Palestinian terrorists on the ship, but the photographs belied all these excuses. When it stopped the second aid ship it said that it wants to inspect what is there on the ship, even though it was inspected several times.  

The kind of world reaction that was seen after Israeli unreasonable act shows that it was criticised by the whole world. Nobody could defend the act; however, some were restrained in their criticism and some saw it with the eyes of national interest rather than from humanity’s point of view. For example, the American newspapers saw it in the context of the US-Israeli relations. According to them, this act has further decreased American options. They did not criticise it in clear words. It has increased pressure on the US and Israel finds itself isolated. However, French newspapers had a different take on the issue, where it was seen from humanity’s point of view. So, some have termed it imprudent and inhuman while it was commented upon more openly in Spain. So much so, that one newspaper, El Pais, termed it as barbaric and oppressive. The UN has also expressed its concern about the incident and it was reported that UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon wants to have a high level investigation into the incident. The Arab media has vehemently criticised the incident. It was openly condemned in Egyptian, Jordanian, Saudi Arab, U.A.E and Kuwaiti newspapers and they termed it as criminal act. But the question is, will the issue be resolved only from criticism, will it be an end to such incidents? It is highly unexpected. So it should be pondered upon that what is the permanent solution to the issue? More important is to bring an end to Gaza blockade and there should be some way out from the situation faced by the people of Gaza for past some years. 

Source: Dawat Online

II.       UNSC sanctions against Iran

 10.                       America’s Double Standard

Roznama Munsif (The Judge Daily), Hyderabad

Editorial, 10 June 2010, Thursday 

The Western countries, under the leadership of United States, are preparing to slap another set of sanctions on Iran in the United Nation Security Council. Iran has already clarified that in case of new sanctions it would stop negotiations and would not offer settlement to the nuclear issue. This is the double standard of United States and western countries that in Middle East; on the one hand, the Zionist Israel possessing huge quantity of nuclear bombs is left to do whatever it wants, while Iran that does not have any nuclear weapons is being isolated through continuous sanctions.  

The US President Barack Obama took office with the slogan of ‘change’; he extended the hand of friendship to the Muslim world in his speech in Egypt but it was proved to be hollow words. Obama is following the same policy of former the US presidents and is following the same behaviour as former President George Bush against the Muslim world, especially Iran. Iran has always maintained that its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes, it has also co-operated with International Atomic Energy Commission (IAEA) and opened its nuclear plants for international inspections. Recently it entered into a nuclear agreement with Turkey and Brazil. Even then the US and western countries are hell bent to impose further sanctions. The only reason for this is that Israel does not want any other nuclear power in Middle East who can challenge it. This can only be termed as American double standard that it provides all help to Israel which continuously oppress Palestinians to continue with its aggressive policies, while on the other hand it is imposing new sanctions on Iran which is trying to achieve nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. The recent aggression by Israel when it attacked the six Gaza bound aid ships was also defended by the US. Deputy Permanent Representative to United Nations Alejandro Wolff. While talking to journalists he said that may be the freedom flotilla had some kind of violence in mind which propelled Israel to take such action. This is the way the Zionists sitting in the US official positions are floundering the humanity. The Zionist spokesperson of White House Robert Gibbs, said that the US will never stop supporting Israel. The stand taken by the US on such inhuman and barbaric Zionist behaviour is condemnable and proof of inhumanity.  

It is also a compulsion of the US government to protect Israel as the U.S economy is under Israeli lobby and it is imperative to take consent of Zionists on every decision by the White House. There is immense pressure from the Israeli lobby for new sanctions on Iran and the US anyhow has to follow Israeli orders, even if it has to impose several sanctions on Iran. 

The US policy on human rights is contradictory. The former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was hanged for killing Kurd rebels, isn’t the Israeli killing of Palestinians a human rights violation? The US destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of terrorism. Can anybody be a bigger terrorist than Israel? Why no action against it? On the contrary every year it receives an increase in aid and full support considering all its crimes as acceptable. Since Iran is the only country in Middle East that sees eye to eye with Israel, so eliminating Iran is Israel’s main ambition and thus it is trying to weaken Iran through various ways. If another round of sanctions is imposed on Iran then the Iranian people will have to suffer and it would also be a violation of human rights and another example of the US double standard. 

Source: Roznama Munsif  


11.                       New Sanctions against Iran

Roznama Siasat (The Politics Daily), Hyderabad

Editorial, 11 June 2010, Friday 

The United Nations Security Council has imposed new and harsher sanctions on Iran on the instructions of the US.. Twelve countries including the US and Britain voted in favour of these sanctions in the fifteen member Security Council, while Lebanon abstained, Brazil and Turkey voted against the resolution and sanctions. This is the fourth UNSC resolution against Iran in the last four years, which has banned Iran from any dealing with foreign countries in nuclear field. This fresh sanction puts a ban on Iranian use of foreign banks which aims at raising problems for Iranian economy and creating economic crisis in Iran. Apart from that, the sanctions also banned the strong Revolutionary Guards of Islamic Republic of Iran and the way to freeze all its foreign accounts has been cleared. The sanctions has blacklisted many Iranian companies and organisations indicated by the US, including companies owned by the Pasdaran [Guards or Guardians]. The sanctions also blacklisted three Iranian shipping companies and 23 other industries. So the US has succeeded in its aim of imposing harshest sanctions on Iran through the UN. The US was trying for such sanctions against Iran for quite some time. Although it was facing opposition from some quarters but it succeeded in changing the stand of some in its favour and saw the resolution passed in the UNSC. The UNSC has passed the sanctions purely on the will of the US and its allies. 

The US and its allies have made the Iranian nuclear programme an excuse for these sanctions. The US has announced that it will put all its effort to put an end to Iran’s nuclear programme because it thinks that a nuclear Iran could be a danger for the region and in particular for Israel. The US is doing all this to support Israel which shows its double standards. The Israel that is being backed has, in a very inhuman act, besieged the unarmed and distressed residents of Gaza and they are encircled from all sides. Israel had blockaded Gaza two years back and now the people of Gaza have to struggle for even food. Everybody including the US, European countries and even UN has turned a blind eye towards the Palestinians of Gaza. Israel has made their life a hell. They are not getting even medicine and none could see the human tragedy here. Israel attacked the aid ship heading for the oppressed people of Gaza, killed its crew and seized the aid supply. The US and its allies only verbally criticised Israel for this barbaric incident and no resolution was passed in UNSC. One the one hand, the US and its allies are running away from bitter truth and on the other hand, they are imposing sanctions on Iran on the basis of possibilities and opinions. This is a clear proof of American double standard. 

The new sanctions will certainly affect the Iranian people who are also a target. Iran has always maintained that its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes and aims to fulfil its energy requirements. But danger to Israel is made an excuse by U.S which is, in fact, working under Israeli instructions to weaken Iran. The UNSC should understand the difference between opinions and truth and stop working under the US tutelage. Any action on the basis of opinions that hurts the common people is a tragedy while putting aside the true face of the US and its allies who pledge for humanity. 

Source: Roznama Siasat  

12.                       India would be adversely affected from Sanctions on          Iran

Roznama Sahafat (The Journalism Daily), New Delhi

Editorial, 11 June 2010, Friday 

This is another example of the US insistence on stopping any country from becoming its equal. The US has again imposed sanction on Iran which is another act of bullying in West Asia. The US does not like the Iranian nuclear programme. As usual it has used the UNSC for imposing sanctions on Iran. The irony is that none of the permanent members opposed the sanctions. Seven among the rest of the temporary members sided with the US while two opposed it and one abstained. The vote of temporary members does not count much and America has again proved that it is the lone super power in the world and nobody can stand up to it. The US ambassador to UN, Susan Rice, said during the Security Council discussion that these sanctions would be proved decisive. They allege that Iran did not utilize the opportunity it was given to prove the peaceful nature of its nuclear programme. Brazil and Turkey opposed the sanctions. Both these countries have signed an agreement with Iran on peaceful use of its nuclear programme. The threat of sanctions and the efforts to isolate one country could be counterproductive. If the US has some problem with Iranian nuclear programme then it should be solved through negotiations. the US President Barack Obama said in a press conference, immediately after the announcement of sanctions, that these sanctions on Iran would be more effective and would bring better results in comparison to earlier three sanctions. He said that the sanctions do not mean that the roads to negotiation are closed. Obama reiterated that diplomatic negotiations with Iran would continue but new sanctions are serious efforts to isolate Iran. Iran would not be able to buy heavy weapons as per these sanctions. Its goods can be stopped for inspection at any airport or harbour. The license of banks doubted for any support to Iranian nuclear programme would be cancelled. The friends of Iran would also be rounded because Russia, the US and France have condemned the nuclear agreement signed by Brazil, Turkey and Iran last month. These countries are the self-proclaimed watchdog for nuclear agreements of others. The Security Council sanctions due to American efforts would also affect India. Any American President did not have the courage to dictate India on how to behave with any other country during Indira Gandhi’s period, but now the situation has changed. Recently India voted against Iran under the US pressure in United Nations [sic] but the condition is completely different this time. Iran has taken a completely different course on this UNSC sanction. Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad said that the sanctions are useless and should be thrown into the dustbin like used tissues. Iran announced that nothing would change even after this sanction. The Islamic Republic of Iran would continue with its uranium enrichment programme. It is very clear that if Iran is not taking these sanctions very seriously it would expect its friendly countries not to change their attitude towards Iran now. This Iranian stand could increase problems for India. India has strong economic ties with Iran. Although now India has better relations with the US any problem in relations with Iran could hamper India’s energy needs which can slow the process of development. This could further increase the economic burden on common people that means India will have to suffer from high inflation due to bad relations with Iran. Anyhow a government in New Delhi would want to avoid any such problem. This means that the UNSC sanctions on Iran has created problem for India. It would most probably affect the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline. It is well known that this pipeline could be a major boost for India’s energy requirements. In this situation of America’s effort to round up Iran would adversely affect the diplomacy of other countries.  

Source: Roznama Sahafat  

13.                       Sanctions on Iran

Roznama Rashtriya Sahara (The National Sahara), New Delhi

Editorial, 11 June 2010, Friday 

The United Nations Security Council has once again imposed sanctions on Iran on the wishes of the US, Israel and Western counties. This is the fourth round of sanctions on Iran. This time 12 out of 15 members voted against Iran while Brazil and Turkey opposed it with severe criticisms. Iran has signed an agreement with Brazil and Turkey on the swapping of enriched uranium, which raised a hope that Unites Nations would take a soft stand in this regard. But this did not happen as there was immense pressure on UN from the US and western countries. 

The Brazilian President Lula da Silva has termed this resolution as a major mistake and said that in his opinion such sanctions would not have much impact on Iran. Lebanon also decided to remain neutral rather than voting for or against the resolution. Lebanese parliament voted 14-14 for and against resolution in a poll before the UNSC voting. Thus the Lebanese government decided to remain neutral. 

The US, Israel and their Western allies are pursuing Iran to accept their tutelage right since Islamic revolution like other Muslim countries. So, Iran is slapped with some or the other sanctions by international organisations for the past 30 years. What an irony? The country is saying that it does not intend to make atom bomb and it has signed the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) to prove its point. But there is continuous conspiracy against it while there are many countries possessing nuclear weapons who still have not signed NPT. But the UN has no intention of imposing sanctions on them. The situation is very much similar as it was during the attack on Iraq. Iraq continuously maintained that it did not possess weapons of mass destruction, but the international organisations under American instructions pursued it continuously. There were daily visits to Iraq by UN inspectors who submitted new reports after inspecting the so-called nuclear plants in Iraq. They never got anything, but America attacked Iraq with the same excuse. Israel has always asked America to attack Iran. Are these sanctions a prelude to any such attack? 

According to these sanctions, more than a dozen of Iranian military, shipping and industrial firms would face the ire. The prohibition on weapons supply to Iran would be toughened. Accounts of all Iranian banks including the central bank would be under observation. Three shipping companies of Islamic Republic of Iran and fifteen companies belonging to the Revolutionary Guards have been blacklisted. Apart from that, there are forty multinational companies whose shares have to be frozen with the allegation that they have helped Iran in its nuclear programme. Such sanctions on Iran have pleased Israeli politicians who think that Iran would stop its help to Hamas and Hezbollah after these economic sanctions. Israeli politicians are planning to attack Iranian nuclear plants with the excuse of sanctions as they did against the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981. But Russia has added to the resolution that there would be no use of force for implementation of sanctions. 

The saddest part is that the UN attitude towards Israeli aggression is completely different. The UN has not taken any step to end the Israeli blockade of Gaza for the past three years. Earlier the UN investigations team in its report blamed Israel for war crimes, but even then no steps were taken against Israel. This proves that UN has lost its credibility and has become tutelage of super powers. The huge fund given to UN by the US and its head quarter at New York has have made the world body it a subsidiary organisation of American government. 

The Iranian people are satisfied and have the courage to live with respect even now. Mahmud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has said in his reaction to these sanctions that the people of Iran are not bothered by any such sanctions. Dr Ahmadinejad, who is on a visit to Tajikistan, said that those who posses atom bomb, use atom bomb and threat others of these bombs and may be Iran would also manufacture such bombs in future with this excuse. These people pass resolution against us. Ahmadinejad, terming these sanctions as unimportant, said that the politics has become a field of deception, aggression and expansionist intentions because character and social relations have been said goodbye from politics. Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, who is in Dublin to meet Irish authorities, also said in reaction to the UNSC resolution that it is a wrong step and this will increase the pressure on the West. It is very clear that to sabotage the peaceful Iranian nuclear programme, the Security Council passed resolution imposing sanctions on Iran acting against unity of opinion and under the pressure of America and its allies. Brazil and Turkey voted against the proposed resolution against Iran while Lebanon abstained in the Security Council Meeting held on Wednesday. 

Source: Roznama Rashtriya Sahara 

14.                       Is it Iran’s Turn Now?

Roznama Munsif (The Judge Daily), Hyderabad

Editorial, 11 June 2010, Friday 

It seems the US has decided to destroy Iran after Iraq and Afghanistan. The efforts for this were on for quite some time but with the help of 12 of the 15 Security Council members, the way for the US is clear now. It would now enhance its efforts for world supremacy. The resolution was passed in UNSC with the 12 countries voting in favour, while Turkey and Brazil voted against and Lebanon abstained. The US consolidated its stand with almost 70 percent support. This is being termed as a step to curb the problematic Iranian nuclear programme, but it is well known to the world that the US wants to become a super power through this. This race was started after World War II and the world was divided into two blocks, America and Russia. A third block (Non-Aligned) is there too, but they are almost non-existent as they have failed to show their presence at international level. It could neither stop war or arms race nor curtail the conspiracies of the power brokers. What happened was that the leading light of this group, who was also a founding member (it is our own India), bowed in front of American pressure which is proved by its changed foreign policy and India’s increasing friendship with Israel.  

The US succeeded in disintegrating USSR and Russia was weakened. Now there was nobody who could stand against America; it was the technological advancements in the oil rich Arab countries which became a bone of contention for America. How can it tolerate anyone else pursuing nuclear power even if it is for peaceful purposes? It is well known that it starts destroying any place which it feels threatened from, for which it can create any story as none could muster enough courage to question it. Iraq was attacked on the excuse of biological weapons. It was so much propagated that even the UN had to accept the story and after Iraq is destroyed, a decade has almost passed but nobody could find even a microbe not to say of biological weapons. But, unfortunately, the US was never made accountable for it either at United Nations or any other forum. The UN has become a rubber stamp and it works completely under American instructions. The world has yet to come to terms with Iraq disaster and the US is now standing on the back of Iran. There were three earlier sanctions on Iran and it is the fourth round of sanctions which is even more harsh and dangerous. Political analysts say that sanctions are not the solution, as it will further deteriorate the situation rather than paving way for negotiations. Some said that it is an effort to pave way for clashes. Brazil took a tough stand against the sanctions in Security Council and vowed to continue its opposition until they are reverted. Recently Turkey and Brazil signed an agreement for nuclear fuel transfer with Iran. 

On the other hand, Ahmadinejad termed this resolution as ‘used tissue’ to be thrown into the dustbin. He also announced that Iran would continue with its nuclear programme and the sanctions would have no impact. The situation has turned serious and both Iran and the US are not ready to change their stand. The international community should take lead in this regard because war is not beneficial for anyone, particularly the UN should make its presence felt and protest America’s aggressive stand. 

Source: Roznama Munsif   

15.                       Sanctions on Iran and America’s Mistake

Roznama Sahafat (The Journalism Daily), New Delhi

Editorial, 14 June 2010, Monday 


Mir Hussein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, the two defeated candidates of last year’s Iranian presidential elections, have announced the cancellation of the public demonstration to be held on the occasion of one year of elections, the preparations for which was in full flow for weeks. As reported the two said that, ‘the programme was cancelled keeping in mind the security of people’. But this is far from truth, the fact is what was reported by Washington Post reporter Thomas Erdbrink, referring to an Iranian office manager who named himself Ali and who participated in last year’s protests and demonstrations. ‘Ali’ told the reporter ‘Why should we put our life in danger for any change? We even are not sure that what and how the change has to come? We surely came out on streets with slogans but we did not know what we have to do?’ In reality, even this is not true, as matter of fact Mir Hussein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi have forgotten some basics. One, the US and Israeli TV and newspapers were so much engaged in propaganda against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that those Iranians who had some complaints against him also turned sympathetic towards him. The Iranians started seeing Mousavi and Karroubi as Israeli and American agents instead of ‘oppressed public leaders’. People were not very much interested in the planned protests this time. Moreover, the urban class, which came out on streets last year and which used mobile and internet for arousing people’s sentiment, are also looking uninterested. They also forgot that Ahmadinejad is a very popular leader in rural Iran. Apart from that, they had no other agenda but to remove Ahmadinejad from presidency, they also failed in highlighting any alternative for Iran’s Islamic revolution. As a result, Ahmadinejad’s hands were strengthened. the US and Israel could realise this, but very late. Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric against Israel and Zionism is reaching out to the Arabs and he is getting popular in the Arab countries also. Nobody is clear about aims of the movement, not even the leaders of opposition. Do they want to remove Ahmadinejad or are they completely against the religious leadership? If their aim is the latter one, there is a very remote chance of success as most of the Iranians are satisfied with the Islamic revolutions. The generation that saw the kind of nudity and rubbish in the name of freedom which was completely against Iranian historical past is still alive. This can also be implied on sanctions. This has affected the Iranian economy but also raised the resilience power among people of Iran. This is taken as an attack on Iranian people and so this will not turn them against Ahmadinejad. They may in turn start supporting the current Iranian regime with more vigour. The possibility is also that the US has taken this step to satisfy Israel and to keep it away from invading Iran but this can become a catalyst for Iran to continue with its nuclear programme.

Source: Roznama Sahafat 

III.     Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

 16.                       Israel - Palestine Proximity Talks

Roznama Siasat (The Politics Daily), Hyderabad

Editorial, 11 May 2010, Tuesday 

The efforts for long standing peace in Middle East would not succeed until aggressive policies of the Jewish State are put under check. The way the US is backing Israel there is no hope for concrete outcome in such a situation under the US mediation. Even though the US has succeeded in renewing the suspended Israel-Palestine talks since December 2008, the main aim of this indirect talk is to soften the stands of both the sides. The complex and unacceptable Israeli policy has created such a situation in Middle East that no one, including the US, is trying to resolve the problem. The US has tried to set the stage for talks for two decades. Israel did not honestly implement either the Oslo Accords or Bill Clinton-mediated Camp David Accords, rather it had continued with its aggressive policies. The Gaza blockade and recent abuse of Al-Aqsa Mosque has increased the hatred against Israel throughout the Islamic world. In such a situation the US preferred to make the PLO agree for indirect talks. But the question is when direct talks till now has not resulted in any positive outcome, what can be expected of indirect talks? George Mitchell, the US envoy to Middle East would facilitate the indirect talks between Israeli and Palestinian delegation. But Palestinian stand is very clear that it refuses any talks till construction of Israeli settlements in West Bank is stopped immediately. The US efforts to legalise Israeli settlements through talks will never be accepted by the Palestinian people. Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas and the Arab League supported negotiations for the reason that Israel has started propagating that it has slowed down the settlement construction and Netanyahu has attracted the world powers attention by saying that he supports a state of Palestine with condition that it remains non-militarised. The world powers very well know the secret Israeli plans to disarm Palestinian Authority. It would have been better to take stock of earlier direct talks before the indirect talks, the which PLO has agreed upon, because Israel started major military operation in Gaza immediately after direct talks between the Olmert government and Palestinians. The Jewish aggression deflected only after Olmert term came to an end. When Netanyahu took over after him he wasted time in appreciating public perception towards a Palestinian state. Earlier, during the talks between Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister, they exchanged maps of possible boundary. But they failed to sign an agreement at that time. Whenever Israel is brought to the negotiation table, it creates some new problem for Palestinians and hence the US should keep an eye on what new crisis Israel creates after agreeing for this indirect talk. However, if there is a crisis that harms the US President Barack Obama’s efforts for creation of an atmosphere for mutual trust and confidence, then both Israel and Palestine should be responsible for it. But the US president Barack Obama should consider the fact that till now it is Israel that has not respected peace negotiations. Israeli expansionist ambitions after 1967 Middle East war and settlement construction in East Jerusalem and West Bank is well known to world powers. The demands for freezing of these constructions by Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas as well as Palestinians and peace loving people have been ignored. Even then the PLO has agreed to the US efforts for indirect talks just for peace and so this should be taken very seriously. The talks have to focus on boundary talks for both the states of Israel and Palestine, including the Jerusalem issue, as well as resolving the conflict. The future situation will only prove Israel’s seriousness in this regard. 

Source: Roznama Siasat

IV.     Situation in Iraq

17.                       Iraq in Shambles due to Foreign Intervention

Roznama Urdu Times (Urdu Times Daily), Mumbai

Open –Ed Article, 30 May 2010, Sunday 

The situation in Iraq is much tense for the past few months. With allegation of tampering in results of the elections held on 7 March 2010, the process of government formation is still in limbo. There were news of major blasts and terrorist activities in such situation of political uncertainty. In general, widespread anxiety prevails all over the world due to lack of improvement in condition, regular terrorist attacks and delay in government formation. I visited Iraq during Saddam rule in 2000 for the first time. Again I had a chance to visit Iraq in May 2002 for Saddam’s birthday celebrations and October 2002 for the referendum conducted by Saddam. I had been to Iraq more than a dozen times from 2003 invasion till now. The kind of keen observation, I have of the country for reporting to the programme World View India for Doordarshan (official Indian television) is unmatchable. Most of the journalists never ventured out of the Palestine hotel of Baghdad. Those who dared did reporting while sitting in tankers under the eyes of foreign soldiers. I had first hand observation of Kurdish capital Irbil, northern cities of Mosul, Kirkuk, Tikrit, Capital Baghdad, Ramada in the east, Fallujah in the west and southern cities of  Mahmudiyah, Alexandria, Babel, Karbala, Najaf, Kufa, Kout, Basra and Umm Qasr during the war. I worked with journalistic freedom without any military protection and with the help of local journalists. Having reached Tikrit and Mosul the day American forces captured these cities, I have seen the robbing of public properties. I have interviewed biggest anti-Saddam leader Ayatollah Syed Baqar al-Hakim once in Tehran and again in Najaf and also had a chance to interview Ayatollah Mehdi Karbalai, the representative of current Foreign Minister Hoshiar Zabari, Ayatollah Sistani in Karbala and many other leaders. I also had interviewed Saddam’s Communication Minister Saeed Al-Sahhaf and others. That makes it easier for me to analyse the current situation in Iraq. This article analyses many important and sensitive incidents. I have three important news including Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz’s worry on getting intelligence input on relations between Saudi government and Al-Qaeda’s activities in Iraq, the statement by Iraqi government spokesperson on joining of Al-Qaeda by prisoners released from American prisons and the news of purchase of holy lands by Israeli Jews in Iraq. At the same time it is important to analyse the situation arising out of the announcement of election results in which former Prime Minister Allawi’s alliance got the highest 91 seats. According to the news of 22 May, Saudi King Abdullah strongly criticised the intelligence agencies for the leak of news about Saudi support to Al-Qaeda elements in Iraq. According to the report of Iraqi Al-Barasa News Agency, King Abdullah has constituted a special committee to look into the matter and had asked for detailed report of persons involved in it. It says that as many as 37 intelligence personals have been arrested for involvement in this leak. The report says that Saudi government paid huge amount to Al-Qaeda elements in Iraq. It should be made clear that the Saudi government did not deny the support extended to Al-Qaeda in Iraq rather it has said that the people involved in the incident would be punished. Secretary General of Saudi National Security Council, Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz is said to be involved in the matter. Earlier also the Saudi authorities had accepted the infiltration of large number of Saudi youths to Iraq and their involvement in terrorist activities and also raised apprehension about their becoming a major threat for Saudi Arabia after things improve in Iraq. On the other hand, on 18 May the Iraqi spokesperson for security affairs Major General Qassem Ata said in Baghdad that a number of prisoners released from American jails have rejoined the Al-Qaeda in Iraq and they are involved in planning and executing of terrorist acts. These people are now playing a major role in Al-Qaeda in Iraq. The Iraqi police termed American jails as ‘Terrorist Factory’ and said that two former prisoners were involved in the attacks on various ministries on 19 August last year. Government spokesperson Major General Qassem Ata said that Ali Numa Salom who was released from American jail is a major source of finance for Al-Qaeda. He was kept in the infamous Abu Ghraib jail. Ali Numa, who was arrested five years ago, is said to have financed people involved in sectarian violence in Iraq. Majid Ali, an Iraqi intellectual, said while speaking in a seminar on Middle East held in New Delhi that American intelligence agencies take Iraqi youths for terrorist training to third countries, who are then brought back to do terrorist acts in Iraq. As a proof he said that one of his relative also was trained by them but he ran away when he was asked to murder innocent citizens. An American investigative journalist Wean Madison last year said in a report that the Zionist government, to realise its dream of Greater Israel, has started indirectly purchasing lands in Iraq near tombs of prophets and Saints. As per the plan Israel is transferring Kurdish Jews to Mosul and Nineveh in the name of religious tourism. The Kurdish regional government is helping Israel in this plan. It was noticed by local Kurds, Sunni Muslims and Turks that Israeli citizens are purchasing land in Iraqi Kurdistan after 2003 war. Their aim is to occupy the lands near the tombs of some famous religious saints. It includes the tombs of Prophet Noah at Alkush, Prophet Younus at Mosul and Prophet Danyal in Kirkuk and famous Muslim saints Azqail (near Najaf) and Azar (near Basra). The report says that Israeli intelligence agency Mossad is using Israeli companies and ‘tourists’ for claiming alleged ‘Israeli property’ in Iraq. Bomb blasts and violence is being used for driving out the local residents from these areas. Mossad also trained a large number of fighters know as Peshmerga for establishment of Kurdistan. It is supposed in the Arab world and Iran that establishment of Kurdistan would be another Israel in the region. I had a chance to listen to one Syrian Kurdish leader on my visit to London saying that Islam is a religion for Arabs as Quran is in Arabic and that Islam was imposed on Kurds by Arabs. The Iraqi nationalist elements allege that both major Kurdish political groups, that is Jalal Talabani led Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Massoud Barzani led Kurdistan Democratic Party, are cooperating with Israel in implementation of its Iraq plan. Experts have said that it is possible that Israel had promised to help in Kurdistan movement in lieu of co-operation with it. It should be noted that the son of Jalal Talabani, Qibd Talabani, resides in Washington with his Jewish wife Shirin Karahem while Massoud Barzani’s son, Banjarfan Barzani, is famous for his closeness with Israeli authorities. I had observed the preparations for independent Kurdistan in Irbil during the 2003 war. It has buildings ready for different ministries and Parliament. The Irbil airport saw major expansion and facelift after the war. The Kurdistan established its distinct currency, military and police during the period of sanctions between 1990 Iraq invasion of Kuwait and 2003 war. While on the other hand, the incumbent Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki had already got fifteen seats more than American and Saudi backed Iyad Allawi, till 95 percent of counting of votes by hands for parliamentary elections. Afterwards nobody knows how Iyad Allawi got two more seats than Nuri al-Maliki during the computerised counting of rest of the votes in Baghdad. In current situation no political group wants to have an alliance with Iyad Allawi while Muqtada al-Sadr, Ammar al-Hakim and many other leaders had negotiations with Nuri al-Maliki. It is difficult to have majority in the 325 member parliament, but if America restrains from blocking Nouri al-Maliki’s efforts, government formation would become easier. According to the experts, the US allowed its allies Britain, Saudi Arabia and other European countries to work on their agenda in Iraq after its military takeover in 2003. Immediately after the end of Saddam government the Mossad and CIA agents present in Baghdad indicated that Saudi Arabia was vary of formation of a Shia Ulama government in Iraq after Iran. It could not harm the Iraqi government directly due to presence of 70 percent of Shia population but it allegedly invoked former Bath party workers for violence and also started supporting Al-Qaeda. Earlier also Iraqi authorities have showed their apprehension in this matter. These truths came out recently due to leak of secret information. The interesting point is that the US, which spent huge resources in the war, has neither succeeded in establishing a government of its own choice nor in getting permission for oil trade and military base. Now it has to be seen that what strategy the Shia leadership present in Najaf implement for bringing out the country from current chaos. 

Author: Muhammad Ahmad Kazmi

Source: Roznama Urdu Times  



Md Muddassir Quamar is a research student at the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

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