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Turkish Parliamentary Elections, October 1961[1]


Political Parties


Percentage of Votes (%)


Number of Seats[2]

Republican People’s Party



Justice Party




Republican Villagers’ Nation Party




New Turkey Party






Voters Turnout




Source: 1) Republic of Tukey Prime Ministry Directorate General of Press and Information

                2) The Grand National Assembly of Turkey by Kasim ERDEM and Mehmet SOLAK


Compiled by Vishakh Krishnan Valiathan, Intern at MEI@ND


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[1] The legislative branch became a bicameral institution. The election for the Senate of the Republic was held on the same day according to majority system.

[2] The d’Hondt Method was employed to determine the number of seats each political party would claim.

[3] The Introduction of proportional representation for the first time in Turkey’s political history. The principle of secret ballot was used. The prospective senators were required to be at least 40 years old and to hold a college degree.