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Contemporary Persian Gulf: Essays in Honour of Gulshan Dietl, Prakash Chandra Jain and Grijesh Pant

Author: P. R. Kumaraswamy & Md. Muddassir Quamar

Publisher: Knowledge World, India

Year of Publication: 2015

ISBN: 978-9383649709

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Abstract: Since the outbreak of the Arab Spring the Middle East is going through a turbulent phase as violence, internal conflicts and civil wars are ravaging a number of countries. Even relatively stable Gulf monarchies are not untouched by the impact of popular demand for change. For India, the Persian Gulf is an extended neighbourhood and the region of vital importance receives scant attention. In the light of the Arab Spring, Iranian nuclear deal and the rise of ISIS, it has become impossible for India to be indifferent to the changing internal dynamics. This anthology presents a broad view of the social, political and economic dimensions of the Gulf region and their relevance and significance through issues such as renewable energy, sustainable development, and education policy.