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Dr. Freedman is the Professor Emeritus at Baltimore Hebrew University and visiting professor at of Political Science at John Hopkins University. He is the author or contributing editor to 23 books, most recently Israel Under Netanyahu: Domestic Politics And Foreign Policy(New York and London: Routledge,2020).

Issue No. 1: George W. Bush, Barack Obama and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

10 July 2018

  I. George W. Bush and Israel II. From the Inauguration to 9/11 III. From 9/11 to June 2002 IV. From June 2002 to Arafat’s Dea

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Commentary 650: The US Presidential Election of 2020 and the Preservation of US Democracy

12 November 2020

It was not a blue political Tsunami giving the Democrats control of both houses of Congress with large majorities along with the US Presidency with a

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Commentary 763: Israel’s Dilemma as The Russia-Ukraine War Rages

20 May 2022

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine now in its third month, with more and more reports of Russian atrocities, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei

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Commentary 614: Challenges Facing Israel’s New National Unity Government

01 June 2020

After three elections in less than a year and the COVID 19  epidemic, a National Unity Government was established in Israel on 14 May. Yet the pa

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