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Dr. Alon Ben-Meir is a professor of international relations and Middle Eastern Studies at New York University. He is also a journalist/author and writes a weekly syndicated column for United Press International, which appears regularly in US and international newspapers. Email:

Commentary 579: Netanyahu Personifies the Corrupting Force of Power

16 December 2019

The long-anticipated indictment of Prime Minister Netanyahu has finally come to pass. For three years, Netanyahu spared no effort to scuttle three cri

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Commentary 587: Killing Soleimani Undermines Global Order

05 February 2020

Those who applaud the assassination of General Soleimani seem to simply equate him to a terrorist who certainly deserved to meet his fate. The questio

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Commentary 589: Trump’s and Netanyahu’s Folly

18 February 2020

Since the Second Intifada in 2000, the Israelis have been steadily moving to the right-of-centre. Successive Israeli governments have made national se

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Commentary 591: The Moral Devastation of the Continued Occupation (Part 1)

28 February 2020

I have long maintained that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank defies the moral principle behind the creation of the state. Contrary to Prime

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Commentary 592: The Moral Devastation of the Continued Occupation (Part 2)

04 March 2020

Four ethical theories—Kantian, utilitarian, virtue-based, and religious—demonstrate the lack of moral foundation in the continuing Israeli

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Commentary 594:Israel Is Engaged in Systematic Self-Destruction

18 March 2020

It is said where are two Jews, there are three opinions. And in the state of Israel, there is yet another version: where there are five Jews, there ar

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Commentary 565: For The US and Iran, War Is Not an Option

17 September 2019

Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA, or Iran deal) was sadly based on a lack of understanding of its

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Commentary 561: The Disgraceful President and the Contemptible Prime Minister

26 August 2019

Much has been said and written about Trump’s disgraceful pointed “advice” to Prime Minister Netanyahu not to allow two duly elected

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Commentary 541:Time to dump Netanyahu

05 March 2019

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s decision to call for an early election, scheduled to take place on 9 April, was really nothing short of anoth

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Commentary 534:The betrayal of Israel’s historic promises

15 February 2019

Over the past three decades I wrote more than two hundred articles about Israel, envisioning it to be a democratic state, independent and free, a cham

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Commentary 528: Trump's New Year gift to Putin , Rouhani, and Erdogan

24 January 2019

Trump’s decision to withdraw US forces from Syria is extremely reckless and is bound to backfire in more than one way. To make such a decision,

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C521: The Saudi Butchery in Yemen and the World’s Apathy

03 January 2019

The cold-blooded killing of the journalist Khashoggi, however gruesome, pales compared to the brutality and gross human rights violations Saudi Arabia

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C520: The end of Syria’s civil war and the beginning of the conflict over the spoils

20 December 2018

With Syria’s civil war nearing an end with the takeover of the city of Idlib by Assad’s forces and his allies, I do not expect that Syria

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C518: Should the US Stop Enabling Israel?

17 December 2018

I maintain that regardless of the political, strategic, demographic, and regional vicissitudes, the two-state option remains the only viably sustainab

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C514: Erdogan’s Hooligans Came Knocking on NYU’s Doors

04 December 2018

Last week I conducted a panel discussion about Turkey under the leadership of Erdogan. The day before the event, we were alerted that several of Erdog

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C508: Netanyahu is Destroying Both Israel and the Palestinians

05 November 2018

Much of what Israel and the Palestinians are experiencing today has befallen them under Netanyahu’s leadership. He believes that the Palestinian

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C505: “The Right of Return”---- To Where?

29 August 2018

      The nearly three months of demonstrations by Palestinians along the Israel-Gaza border under the banner of the “Ma

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501:Erdogan’s reelection and its dire consequences

03 August 2018

The reelection of Turkey’s President Erdogan, falsely considered to be free, fair and representative of the will of the majority of the Turkish

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499: Hamas will invite war in the search for a long-term solution

30 July 2018

Any protracted conflict can come to an end under certain circumstances that either evolve over a period of time or are precipitated by one side or the

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495: An open letter to Ismail Haniyeh and Yahya Sinwar

10 July 2018

Dear M. Haniyeh and Sinwar; I am writing this letter to you in the wake of the latest confrontation between Palestinian demonstrators and the Israe

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487: Sisi’s Socioeconomic Agenda and Human Rights

16 May 2018

The re-election of Egypt’s President Sisi came as no surprise. Despite irregularities at some polling stations, President Sisi won handedly beca

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484: The Dying in Syria rests on the conscience of the West

09 May 2018

President Trump’s characterization of the US attack on specific Syrian chemical storage and research facilities as “mission accomplished&r

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480: Is A War Between Israel And Iran/Hezbollah Imminent?

09 April 2018

The recent violation of Israel’s air space by an Iranian drone and Israel’s retaliation against Syrian and Iranian targets prompted many o

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475: The US’ Enablement Jeopardizes Israel’s Future

13 March 2018

The United States has been and remains the staunchest supporter of Israel, and its unqualified support will cause significant damage to Israel’s

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474: Basking in the shadows of the Ottoman Era

08 March 2018

It is hard to fathom why Turkey’s President Erdogan, who embarked on the most impressive social, political, and economic reforms during his firs

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465: When Geopolitical conditions and Moral Values converge

15 February 2018

  The geopolitical developments in the Middle East over the past fifteen years have created new political and security dynamics engendered by

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464: Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as Israels Capital and the prospect of Two-State solution

12 February 2018

  I was in Israel when Trump made his announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Initially, I thought Israelis would pour o

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460: Time to Kick Turkey Out of NATO

02 January 2018

The egregious violation of freedom of the press in Turkey has reached a mammoth proportion that places Turkey among the most oppressive nations for jo

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457: Self-Determination Is an Inalienable Right

01 January 2018

The Iraqi Kurds’ referendum that was conducted several weeks ago won an overwhelming majority in favour of independence, but was rejected by muc

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