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1. MACIC film club, Cairo, 13 July 2016
MACIC Film Club is being launched by the Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture (MACIC), Embassy of India, Cairo. The Film Club will host screening and discussion on Indian movies, including from Bollywood, once a month.

Dadasaheb Phalke's “Raja Harishchandra”, a 40-minute silent film on a righteous king, was unveiled in Bombay in 1913. Since then, Indian cinema has travelled a long way. India makes more than a 1000 films every year, in many different languages and from different centres across the country, although Bollywood has continued to rule the film entertainment market.  Today Indian cinema has come off age, offering audiences a wide range of options – be it genres, themes, talent pool of actors, experimenting with music and visuals, use of technology, animation, etc. Indian movie industry provides a base for film production not only from Asia but also from Hollywood.

Bollywood films are also released in Egypt from time to time. The popularity of legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan is well known and they also have a strong fan following in Egypt.

The launch of the MACIC Film Club at 6.00 pm on Thursday, 21 July 2016 will feature discussions on the recent Bollywood blockbuster ‘Fan’, starring Shahrukh Khan. The discussion will be steered by Nadia Jereidini, Vice President of the Egypt Indian Friendship Association and an expert on Indian films with rich knowledge of Indian cinema.

FAN is the story of Gaurav (Shahrukh Khan) a young man, whose world revolves around the mega movie star Aryan Khanna (Shahrukh Khan) or God as he refers to him. From the by lanes of Delhi, young Gaurav embarks on a journey to the city of dreams, Mumbai, in order to wish his God on his birthday. After all, he is Aryan's biggest FAN and even has a striking resemblance to him - how difficult could it be for the world biggest FAN to get an audience with the world's biggest Star. When things don't go according to plan, Gaurav's love and passion for his God turns in to a dangerous obsession that crosses the fine line. In an edge of the seat thriller, FAN will peel away at both Gaurav and Aryan's personalities and characters as the two men discover people within themselves that even they didn't know existed, and we're left wondering who to sympathize with and whom to root for - can we really pick a side, after all, Superstars are also human beings but each one of us is also a FAN.

In the coming months, Indian movies, including Bollywood films with Arabic subtitles will also be shown.

For more information and programme, follow Embassy of India on Facebook at India in Egypt and register for upcoming events. Entry to the events is free. For more information, please send an email at:
Source: Embassy of India, Cairo

2. Tea Exports to Egypt, New Delhi, 18 July 2016
Will the Minister of Commerce and industry be pleased to state:-
(a) Whether an Indian delegation has recently visited Egypt in a bid to perk up the country's sagging tea exports to the African country;
(b) If so, the details thereof;
(c) Whether the sustained promotional work by the Tea Board of India alongside efforts mounted by tea industry and trade has borne fruit on export front; and
(d) If so, the details thereof?

The Minister of State in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (independent charge) Nirmala Sitharaman
(a) & (b): Yes, Madam. A delegation comprising of Deputy Chairman & Director of Tea Promotion, Tea Board India and tea exporters visited Egypt during March 19-23, 2016 in order to boost exports to Egypt and generate goodwill thereon. The delegation held a number of meetings with the Minister of Supply and Domestic Trade (MSIT), Egypt, officials of Ministry of Foreign Trade & Industry, Egypt, Chambers of Commerce in Cairo & Alexandria, Government Officials and Executives of Government-owned companies, and private tea industries in Egypt. In addition, buyer-seller meets were also organized in Cairo and in Alexandria.
(c) & (d): The sustained promotional activities revolving around participation in international trade fairs, exchange of trade delegations vis-à-vis key export markets and buyer-seller meets along with the Industry has paid substantial dividends. Details of increase in exports during 2015-16 as compared to 2014-15 is given in the following Table:


Source: Lok Sabha (Council of People), Unstarred Question No. 24, asked by Venugopal Ponnusamy

3. President of India’s message on the eve of National Day of Egypt, Cairo, 23 July 2016
The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee has extended his greetings and felicitations to the Government and people of the Arab Republic of Egypt on the eve of their National Day (23 July 2016).

In a message to His Excellency Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the President has said, “On behalf of the Government, the people of India and on my own behalf, it is with immense pleasure that I extend warm greetings and felicitations to you and to the friendly people of Egypt on the occasion of your National Day.

It is a matter of satisfaction that our two countries share historically warm and traditionally friendly ties. We are happy to see the successful completion of the political roadmap envisaged by Your Excellency with the Egyptian Parliament assuming their responsibilities. We remain confident that the Egyptian Government and its people will benefit from your vision for the country and implement the reforms agenda which you have set.

India views Egypt as an important partner in the Arab world and valued your participation and contribution in the India Africa Forum Summit – III held last year in New Delhi. We welcome the recent intensification of our wide ranging cooperation in diverse areas of our common interest. India and Egypt share similar socio-economic challenges which necessitate our close cooperation and collaboration for mutual benefit. I am happy to note that our two countries have been cooperating closely in multilateral fora.

I take this opportunity to extend to Your Excellency my best wishes for your good health and for the continued peace, progress and prosperity of the friendly people of Egypt.”
Source: Press Information Bureau, New Delhi

4. First MACIC Roundtable, Cairo, 31 July 2016
The Embassy of India organized the first event in the monthly series of MACIC Roundtable at the Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture in Zamalek, Cairo on 28 July 2016 at 3 pm. The theme was “Small and Medium Enterprises – Drivers of economic growth”. The event was inaugurated by the Indian Ambassador to Egypt, Ambassador Sanjay Bhattacharyya.

The key speakers included  Ahmed Abdel Wahab researcher from the Economic Freedom Program of the think tank Egyptian Centre for Public Policy Studies;  Ashish Khanna, lead energy specialist in World Bank’s Egypt and Yemen Energy Programme; Dr. Asser Salama, Chairman of Easy and member of Joint Business Council; and  Ihab Sherawy, editor at Egyptian Gazette.

During the seminar, the speakers exchanged views and compared SME experiences in India and Egypt.  Ahmed Abdel Wahab spoke at length on the challenges facing SMEs in Egypt.  Ashish Khanna touched upon the employment scenario with reference to SMEs in Egypt and India.  Khanna said India has eased finance access by building dedicated finance infrastructure such as SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India) and others. Dr. Asser Salama gave a presentation on the success stories of SMEs in India and Egypt. The seminar was rounded up by Ihab Sherawy who shared his experience studying development journalism in India in 2010. The talks were followed by an interactive session with the audience.

For more information and updates, please follow us on Facebook – “India in Egypt” – and Twitter @indembcairo.
Source: Embassy of India, Cairo

5. President of India’s message on the eve of National Day of Iraq, New Delhi, 14 July 2016
The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee has extended his greetings and felicitations to the Government and people of the Republic of Iraq on the eve of their National Day (14 July 2016).

In his message to His Excellency Fuad Masum, the President of the Republic of Iraq, the President has said, “On behalf of the Government, the people of India and on my own behalf, it is with immense pleasure that I extend warm greetings and felicitations to Your Excellency and to the friendly people of the Republic of Iraq on the occasion of your National Day.

Our close and friendly bilateral relations are deeply rooted in our ancient trade and cultural links and people-to-people contacts. We greatly value our mutually beneficial bilateral ties and are confident that with our strong commitment and endeavours, these will strengthen and broaden further in the years to come.

India strongly supports the Iraqi people and Government in your efforts against terrorism, in upholding national sovereignty and preserving your territorial integrity.

Please accept, Your Excellency, my best wishes for your good health and well-being, and for the progress and prosperity of the friendly people of Iraq.”
Source: Press Information Bureau, New Delhi

6. Import of Crude Oil from Iran, New Delhi, 18 July 2016
Will the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas be pleased to state:
(a) whether the Government has formulated any scheme for importing two lakh barrels of extra crude oil in addition to existing crude oil being imported everyday from Iran in view of the lifting of international sanctions against Iran;
(b) If so, the details thereof along with quantum of crude oil imported during the last two years and the current year and expenditure incurred on import of crude oil from Iran as compared to other middle east countries, volume/value/country-wise;
(c) Whether certain Indian oil companies have already started importing of crude oil from Iran;
(d) If so, the details thereof including the storage capacity of the oil companies in the country along with the steps taken by the Government to increase the storage capacity of crude oil in the country; and
(e) Whether the State-owned Indian Oil companies are reportedly purchasing oil from extremist groups linked oil companies in the middle east countries and if so, the details thereof and the action taken by the Government in this regard in view of the international sanctions against them?

Minister of State (Independent Charge) In the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan
(a): Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) take appropriate decisions on importing crude oil from oil producing countries including from Iran, as per crude import policy.
(b) & (c): Import of crude oil country-wise from the Middle East including Iran by all oil companies including private oil companies for the years 2014-15 to 2016-17 (April-May)(P) is given in Annexure-I. Crude oil imports country-wise by Public Sector Oil Companies from Middle East during 2014-15 to 2016-17 (April-May)(P) along with its value in Million US$ and Rs. Crore is given in Annexure-II.
Indian oil companies have been importing crude oil from Iran as shown in Annexure I and Annexure II. (d): The details of crude oil tankage in the country are given in Annexure-III. The Government, through Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserve Limited (ISPRL) has constructed crude oil reserves with storage capacity of 5.33 Million Metric Tonnes (MMT) and a Detailed Project Report has been prepared for establishing additional crude oil reserves of 12.5 MMT.

(e): Public sector OMCs procure crude oil as per Crude Import Policy. Crude Oil is procured on term and spot basis from National Oil Companies (NOCs) and other registered parties with OMCs.
Source: Lok Sabha (Council of People), Unstarred Question No. 86, asked by Falgunrao Patole Nanabhau and Senguttuvan Balasubramaniam

7. India-Iran Agreement on Chabahar Port, New Delhi, 21 July 2016
India-Iran cooperation in the field of development of infrastructure and regional connectivity including the development of Chabahar Port is in line with the Tehran Declaration (2001) and the New Delhi Declaration (2003).

A commercial contract for the development and operations of Chabahar Port was signed between Indian Joint Venture India Ports Global Pvt Ltd (a Consortium of Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust and Kandla Port Trust) and Iran’s Arya Banader on 23 May 2016 in Tehran during the visit of the Prime Minister to Iran. Government of India and Port and Maritime Organization (PMO) of Iran signed the contract as Confirming Parties. The contract is for the period of 10 years.

As per the contract India will construct two terminals (five berths) at Chabahar Port according to the specifications agreed under the Inter-Governmental MOU signed between India and Iran on the 5 May 2015. The MOU envisages construction of a multipurpose cargo terminal (600 meters length) and a container terminal (640 meters length).

Participation in the Chabahar Port development will provide India an alternative and reliable access route into Afghanistan utilizing India’s earlier investment in Zaranj-Delaram road built in Afghanistan, and also a reliable and more direct sea-road access route into Central Asian Region. Chabahar Port’s location at the Arabian Sea means that it would be able to skirt any challenges posed by developments in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz.

The Minister of State for the External Affairs Gen. Dr. V. K. Singh (Retd.) provided this information in reply to a question in Rajya Sabha today.
Source: Press Information Bureau, New Delhi

8. Repatriation of distressed Indian nationals, Kuwait, 12 July 2016
There has been an increase in Indian nationals seeking assistance of Embassy for their immediate return to India. Many Indian nationals continue to languish in various police stations, Detention Cell and Deportation Centre awaiting their repatriation to India. Also, there are distressed persons in Male and Female Shelters seeking early repatriation.

Some of them in the Shelters are unfortunately waiting for 3-6 months and beyond for return to India.

2. The Embassy would like to clarify the following in this regard:
I. Distressed workers in the shelters (male & female)
(i) As per local regulations, the repatriation of distressed domestic worker can take place under three circumstances;
(i) The sponsor handing over the passport with valid residence visa. (in such case, the worker can return to India after booking of air-passage);
(ii) sponsor filing an absconding case against the domestic workers thereby nullifying the residence status of the worker (in such case, the repatriation process/formalities may take 2-3 months after lodging of absconding case);
(iii) lastly, on the expiry of residence visa of the worker (repatriation process/formalities may take 2-3 months after expiry of visa).
ii) Please note that distressed Indian nationals unfortunately remain stranded in Kuwait till such time one of the above three options materializes. The Embassy makes consistent efforts in expeditious repatriation of all stranded Indian workers in Kuwait. However, due to strict immigration procedure in Kuwait, the entire process of repatriation remains time-consuming as the repatriation of Indian nationals depend on the cooperation from the sponsors/employers and the local authorities which can sometimes take 3-6 months (or even more).
(iii) Therefore, those seeking refuge in shelter of the Embassy must bear in mind that the repatriation process takes a long time and that despite best efforts by the Embassy, there is no easy or quicker way out. It is not possible to arrange repatriation without fulfilling the local immigration procedure/conditions explained to above.

II. Indian nationals in Deportation Centre, Kuwait
i) As per the local laws, expatriates detained for residency or visa law violations in Kuwait are deported to their home countries. Indians, who are not having a valid residency/visa, are detained by police authorities and deported to India. They are kept under detention at various police stations and finally at the Deportation centre, till the procedures for their deportation are completed by the local authorities. The number of such detainees varies on daily basis as the Indian detainees in Deportation Centre are deported in small numbers and new deportees are forwarded to this centre by the police stations almost on a daily basis. There are presently 28,495 Indian nationals staying unauthorized in Kuwait (as per data as on 15/2/2016 received from Kuwaiti authorities) due to visa or residency violations.
(ii) The Embassy, on its part ensures travel documents are issued early to Indian nationals facing deportation. In this connection, request for Emergency Certificate are received from the police stations/Deportation Centre authorities where passports are not available with the detainees or could not be retrieved from their Kuwaiti sponsors/employers. The Embassy officials visit the police stations; Detention Cell/Deportation Centre etc. to meet these Indian nationals detained, for interaction so as to verify nationality status and for issuing travel documents (Emergency Certificates) to Indian detainees not having passports with them to facilitate their repatriation to India.


(ii) In this connection, it must be borne in mind that the entire process of repatriation through Deportation Centre takes considerable time as it entails finger printing/verification and completion of other formalities/booking of tickets by Deportation Centre. It is not possible to indicate definite time frame by which the deportees would travel to India and repatriation can only take place after completion of all formalities with the Kuwaiti authorities.

3. This is to assure once again that on receiving complaints, the Embassy takes up each and every case reported for early repatriation by contacting sponsors/employers and with the local authorities. To assist distressed Indian nationals, the Embassy can issue travel documents (Emergency Certificates) after verification of credentials and provide even free air-tickets for their travel to India in deserving cases. However, the process of repatriation is time-consuming and it is not possible for the Embassy to repatriate without the completion of immigration procedure and fulfilment of conditions, which may take 3-6 months or more.
Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

9. Advisory regarding narcotics/ drugs for Indian Community in Kuwait, Kuwait, 14 July 2016
The Embassy has noticed that there has been a spurt in the number of Indian nationals arrested in Kuwait allegedly for bringing drugs/ narcotics substances inside Kuwait. Also, there has been an increase in the number of Indian nationals arrested in Kuwait in drug related cases. About 65% of total Indian inmates in Central Jail are due to drug related offences. Furthermore, about 40% Indians under arrest in Public jail are due to drug-related charges.

2. It is reiterated that penalties for possession, use and trafficking of drugs, even a small amount in Kuwait, could result in arrest and imprisonment. The convicted offenders could even be given capital punishment or life imprisonment by the local Courts. Moreover, in drug-related cases, Indian Embassy cannot extend any legal/ financial assistance to those arrested. All concerned have to defend themselves in local courts by hiring lawyers at their cost. The release of accused or convicted person depends upon the verdict of the Court.

3. The Embassy advises once again to all Indian community members in Kuwait to abide by the laws of the land and not to involve themselves in any drug-related activities.
Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

10. A Cultural Programme on Independence Day, Kuwait, 29 July 2016
The Embassy of India in collaboration with Writers Forum, Kuwait is organizing a Kavi Sammellan-cum-Mushaira on the auspicious occasion of our Independence Day. The event will be held at Indian Embassy Auditorium from 6 pm onwards, on 15 August 2016.

2. It will be a unique event, with recitations by poets & writers from ten Indian languages.

3. All Indian nationals in Kuwait are cordially invited to attend the event. Entry is free. For queries, please contact President of Writers Forum @ 97286800; General Secretary of Writers Forum @ 97221133.
Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

11. Vijay Singh Chauhan appointed as the next Ambassador of India to Libya, Djibouti, 4 July 2016
Vijay Singh Chauhan, presently Counsellor in Embassy of India, Paris, has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to Libya. He is expected to take up his assignment shortly.
Source: Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi

12. Indians Stranded in Libya, New Delhi, 20 July 2016
Will the Minister of External Affairs be pleased to state:
(a) Whether at least 1,800 Indians are still in the Libya and may need to be rescued through an emergency evacuation soon;
(b) If so, the details thereof;
(c) Whether recently many Indians were killed in Libya.
(d) If so, the details thereof?

The Minister of State in the Ministry of External Affairs M. J. Akbar
(a) & (b) There are around 1750 Indian nationals in Libya. The evacuation of Indian nationals in Libya began in July, 2014 and we evacuated 3750 Indian nationals since then. Our Mission in Tripoli continues to render assistance to those Indian nationals willing to return to India. Indian nationals currently in Libya are due to their own volition.
(c) & (d) An Indian nurse, Ms. Sonu Sathyan from Kerala and her infant son, Pravan Vipin Kumar died on 25 March, 2015 during the clashes between two rival groups in Zawiya (about 45 KM from Tripoli). The Mission rendered all assistance for transportation of mortal remains of the deceased and travel arrangements for her husband, who was in Libya along with the deceased.
Source: Lok Sabha (Council of People), Unstarred Question No. 649, asked by K. Gopal

13. President of India’s Message on the eve of Throne day of Morocco, New Delhi, 30 July 2016
The President of India,  Pranab Mukherjee has extended his greetings and felicitations to the King and people of Morocco on the eve of the anniversary of His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s accession to the Throne (30 July 2016).

In a message to His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Kingdom of Morocco, the President has said, “On behalf of the Government, the people of India and on my own behalf, it is with pleasure that I convey warm greetings and felicitations on the anniversary of Your Majesty’s accession to the Throne.

It is a matter of satisfaction that the close relations between India and Morocco have witnessed significant expansion and growth. Your Majesty’s personal contribution to the strengthening of our bilateral cooperation is very much valued. India and Morocco share common views on various regional and global issues including on the need for reform of the United Nations Security Council.

India appreciated the participation of Your Majesty along with your Ministers in the Third India Africa Forum Summit held in October 2015 in New Delhi. We were happy that your Minister of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment participated in the Fourth India-Africa Hydrocarbon Conference held in New Delhi in January this year – which provided an opportunity for us to jointly focus on widening our cooperation in this key area of our common interest.

Vice-President of India, Hamid Ansari has recently made an official visit to Morocco and held extensive discussions with esteemed leaders of Morocco on enhancing our bilateral cooperation.

I very much look forward Your Majesty to our work together towards further strengthening our fruitful partnership and the close bonds of friendship between our two Governments and peoples. I take this opportunity, Your Majesty, to extend my best wishes for your good health and the continued progress and prosperity of the people of Morocco.”
Source: Press Information Bureau, New Delhi

14. The Embassy of India Muscat will hold a Flag Hoisting Ceremony to celebrate the “70th Independence Day of India" on 15 August 2016, Muscat, 28 July 2016
On 15 August 2016, India will celebrate the 70th Independence Day, a momentous and auspicious occasion. The Embassy of India Muscat will hold a Flag Hoisting Ceremony to celebrate the “70th Independence Day of India" on Monday 15 August 2016 at 09:00 a.m. at Indian Embassy Premises. After flag hoisting and singing of National Anthem, Ambassador will read out the message of President of India. He will then address the assembly to convey his greetings and message to the Indian community. Indian community in Oman has always been participating in Independence Day celebrations with great enthusiasm. The ceremony is open to all Indians and their families living in Oman. Indian Embassy invites Indian citizen living in Oman to join the celebration to mark this special Independence Day. They are requested to reach the Embassy premises latest by 0850 hrs.

It may be noted that 70th Independence Day will also be celebrated by Indian community organizations, Indian Social Clubs and various Indian Schools in Oman, with various programmes dedicated to remind Indians of the significance of the Independence Day.
Source: Embassy of India, Muscat

15. Official statement on terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia, New Delhi, 5 July 2016
We strongly condemn the dastardly terror attacks which took place in Jeddah, Qatif and the holy city of Medina in Saudi Arabia on 4 July. We offer our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and wish speedy recovery to those who suffered injuries.

We stand by the people and the Government of Saudi Arabia in our common fight against this abominable phenomenon which threatens all societies across the globe.

India remains firmly committed to working closely and actively with Saudi Arabia to root out the menace of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.
Source: Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi

16. MoU between India and Tunisia for strengthening bilateral cooperation in the field of Information and Communications Technology and Digital Economy, New Delhi, 20 July 2016
The Union Cabinet under the Chairmanship of Prime Minister  Narendra Modi has been apprised of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between India and Tunisia on 2 June 2016 for strengthening bilateral cooperation in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Digital Economy.

The MoU intends to foster active cooperation and exchange between private entities, Governments, institutions involved in enhancing capacity building and other public and private organizations of the two countries in the field of ICT and Digital Economy.
Source: Press Information Bureau, New Delhi

j. UAE
17. Workers Illegally Detained In UAE, New Delhi, 21 July 2016
No incident of illegal detention of labourers/workers/employees working in UAE has been reported by the Indian Mission in UAE. However, occasional complaints are received through different sources in the Ministry regarding non-release of passports of the workers by the foreign employers.

Wherever the worker has obtained overseas employment through the Registered Recruitment Agent (RA) and has travelled after obtaining Emigration Clearance (EC), the RA’s registration certificate is suspended and he is directed to immediately rescue the emigrant including arrange for his airfare and unpaid wages. Only after the emigrant’s grievances are settled, the suspension is revoked. This ensures safe return of emigrant. In cases where emigrants have travelled on a visit/tourist visa and later converted to employment visa, it is difficult to rescue such emigrants. In such cases the Indian Mission, on receipt of complaints directly contacts the foreign employer and mediates with them to resolve the grievance and rescue the emigrant. In cases where the emigrant/employer approaches the local court, the emigrants are provided free legal counselling from advocates at the Indian Workers Resource Centre (IWRC) in UAE, to help them in the litigation and resolve their grievance to return home safely.

India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with United Arab Emirates in 2006. The following broad principles have been built into the MOU:

a. Declaration of mutual intent to enhance employment opportunities and for bilateral cooperation in protection and welfare of workers.

b. The host Country to take measures for protection and welfare of the workers in organized sector.

c. Statement of the broad procedure that the foreign employer shall follow to recruit Indian workers.

d. The recruitment and terms of employment to be in conformity with the laws of both the Countries.

e. To ensure implementation of the MOU, a Joint Working Group (JWG) is constituted which meet regularly to find solutions to bilateral labour problems.

f. Through the MOU/JWG mechanism broad principles and policies are laid down to address different types of grievances and problems faced by the emigrants with their employers.

g. The Minister of State for the External Affairs Gen. Dr. V. K. Singh (Retd.) provided this information in reply to a question in Rajya Sabha today.
Source: Press Information Bureau, New Delhi

18. Cyber Security Deal with UAE, New Delhi, 26 July 2016
Will the Minister of Home Affairs be pleased to state:-
(a) Whether the Government has signed any Cyber Security Deal with United Arab Emirates (UAE) in recent past to strengthen the internal security of the country from growing threat to cyber space from ISIS;
(b) If so, the details thereof;
(c) Whether the Government is planning to create any mechanism to ensure Cyber Filtering of the extremist/anti-national contents present in the Cyber world; and
(d) If so, the details thereof and the financial allocation made in this regard?

Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs Hansraj Gangaram Ahir
(a) & (b) Ministry of Home Affairs of Republic of India and Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Feb, 2016 to enhance technical cooperation in Cyber space and combating Cyber Crime in all forms. The areas of cooperation comprise, inter alia, exchange of information, cooperation and training in Cyber crime investigation, support and assistance upon mutual request, exchange of technical information on methods and techniques of cyber attacks/threats, exchange of expertise on technology systems and security solutions, cooperation in the area of innovation and information technology and exchange of best practices and Police applications in the area of cyber crimes.
(c) & (d): On reports from security agencies or as ordered by Courts, action is taken as provided for under section 69 of the Information Technology Act, 2000.
Source: Lok Sabha (Council of People), Unstarred Question No. 649, asked by Naranbhai Kachadia, Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Prem Singh Chandumajra and Chandra Prakash Joshi

1 Crore = 10 million. Lakh = 100,000

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