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1. The suspension of bank guarantee, Kuwait, 1 January 2015
India implemented the KD 720 bank guarantee measure in September 2014 for the welfare of Indian female domestic workers coming to work in Kuwait.
2.  After discussing this issue with Kuwaiti authorities, it has been agreed to suspend with effect from 12 December 2014 taking any bank guarantees from sponsors in Kuwait, while keeping in abeyance the attestation of employment contracts of Indian female domestic workers.
3. Indian and Kuwaiti sides are constantly engaged in finding a long-term resolution of this issue.
Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

2. Participation of an Indian delegation, Kuwait, 1 January 2015
A 19-member Indian delegation led by S.K. Wadhawan, Chairperson of Indian Business Council, Kuwait is participating in the 13th Pravasi Bhartiya Divas being held at Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat from 7-9 January 2015.
2. India-Kuwait economic and commercial ties which are historically close, warm and friendly, have shown remarkable upswing in 2014. Indian companies like Shapoorji Pallonji, Larsen and Toubro, Dodsal, Punj Lloyd and Simplex Project Ltd, were awarded EPC contracts in Kuwait worth US$ 4.15 billion in the hydrocarbon and construction sectors.
3. H.E. Abdulmohsen Medij Al- Medij, Minister of Commerce and Industry of Kuwait is participating in the “Partnership Summit 2015” being held at Jaipur, Rajasthan on 15-17 January 2015, having attended earlier the 4th India-Arab Partnership Conference in New Delhi on 26-27 November 2014.
4. To boost travel to India by Kuwaiti nationals as well other nationals residing in Kuwait, the Embassy has been issuing multi-entry business visas (5-year and 1-year), tourism visas (6-month), medical visas (1-year) and visas for study purposes. The Embassy issued over 12,700 visas during the year 2014, reflecting an increase of 20 per cent vis-à-vis the year 2013.
Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

3. Consular Services rendered by the Embassy during 2014, Kuwait, 5 January 2015
It has been the endeavour of the Embassy to make its services prompt, courteous, and easily accessible to all in Kuwait. As part of these ongoing efforts, the Embassy rendered various consular services during the year 2014. The highlights are as under:
1. Passports services: The Embassy issued over 77,700 passports during the year 2014, representing a growth of about 5.5 per cent over the year 2013.
2.  Visas: The Embassy issued over 12,700 visas during 2014, registering an increase of 20 per cent of visas issued during the year 2013.
3. PIO/OCI cards: There has been significant jump in issue of PIO cards during 2014. Embassy issued 80 such cards, showing 117 per cent increase over the number of cards issued in 2013. With regard to OCI cards, it has also showed an increase of 20 per cent over the number of OCI cards issued in 2013.
4. Death registration: The total number of deaths of Indian nationals registered with the Embassy during 2014 is 559, registering an increase of about five per cent over the deaths occurred in 2013. During the period, 434 mortal remains were transported to India while 125 dead bodies were buried locally. The total death compensation (including outstanding dues from the companies) remitted by the Embassy to legal heirs in India was Rs. 6.20 Crore. The Embassy is updating on a daily basis the status of the disposal/transportation of mortal remains of Indians died in Kuwait as well as updating data information of the deceased Indian nationals in Kuwait in the Website under e-migrate (transportation of mortal remains from ECR countries) of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India.
5. Attestation: The Embassy attested a total of 96,145 documents like Power of Attorney, Driving License, Relationship certificates, affidavits etc. There is an increase of about 23 per cent in attestation work in 2014 over the attestations done in 2013.
6. Emergency Certificates (EC): During the year 2014, the Embassy issued 2,815 ECs to Indian national for their repatriation to India showing an increase of about seven per cent over the figures of ECs issued in 2013.

Outreach to Indian nationals:
2. To assist Indian nationals in Kuwait, the Embassy opened a Passport Centre in Jleeb Al Shuwaikh (Abbasiya) from August 2014. Further, the visa procedure was streamlined and simplified for the benefit of Kuwaiti and other foreigners travelling to India. Also, to render assistance with regard to passport, visa and attestation services, an ‘open house’ is being held every working day, once in the morning from 1000-1100 hrs and again in the afternoon from 1430-1530 hrs. During the “Open House”, any member of the Indian community can interact with the officer on duty in the Meeting Room without prior appointment.
1. “Open House” by Ambassador on every Wednesday from 1500-1600 hrs. During this “Open House”, any member of the Indian community can interact with Ambassador without prior appointment.
2. Mobile numbers of all officers are given on the Embassy’s website. All Indian nationals may use this facility to call the concerned officer as per the need.
3. An emergency contact number 22530600 is available on 24/7 basis for all Indian community members residing in Kuwait.

3. In order to provide even greater avenues for interaction with the Indian community, following officers of the Embassy are available from 1000-1200 hrs to all members of Indian community without prior appointment. Their areas of responsibilities are mentioned below:
1.  J.S. Dangi, Second Secretary (Consular), Mobile No. 97229947 for Consular matters, including passport issues, attestation, family disputes.
2.   Ashok Kumar, Attaché (Labour-I), Mobile No. 97229946 for individual labour issues apart from company labour disputes.
3.  Sunila Krishnan, Attaché (Labor-II), Mobile No. 97264247 for company labour disputes.
4.  Arvind Srivastava, Assistant (Visa), Mobile No. 65127918 for visa related issues.
5.  B.K. Sinha, Assistant (Community Welfare), Mobile No.97164067 for jail and detention cases and Emergency Certificates.
6.  Deepak Seth, Local Staff, Mobile No. 66565703 and  Shakeel Ahmad, Local Staff, Mobile No. 99793382 for death cases.
Comments, suggestions etc. from Indian community in Kuwait are most welcome to further improve the Embassy services.
Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

4. Opening of shelter for female expatriate workers, Kuwait, 7 January 2015
The Public Authority for Manpower, Kuwait has opened a shelter for expatriate female workers in Jleeb Al-Shuwaikh (Abbasiya) from 23 December 2014. The Embassy has transferred its distressed 64 Indian female domestic workers to the Kuwaiti Government shelter with effect from 6 January 2015. The Kuwait Government shelter will provide free of cost board and lodging and limited medical attention.
2. The address of the Kuwaiti Government Shelter is as below:
Kuwait Shelter for expatriates
Block No. 2, Police Station Street
Near Nimran Pharmacy
Jleeb Al-Shuwaikh (Abbasiya)
(Contact person:  Abu Turki-Supervisor)

3.  Any distressed Indian female domestic worker who is in need of accommodation in Kuwaiti Government shelter, can contact the Embassy of India in Kuwait on a working day before 12.00 hrs for her transfer to the above Shelter, after completion of formalities at the Embassy. As per the regulations of the Kuwait Government shelter, they will not accept any pregnant female domestic worker.

4. Contact numbers of Embassy officials are as follows:
i. Telugu speaking    : Ms. Thriveni Reddy    97108538
ii. Tamil speaking    :  Hamza    66586006
iii. Malayalam speaking :  Sudheendran 99183576
iv. Bangla speaking    :  S. Goldar    97229942
v. Hindi speaking    :  Ashok Kumar    97229946
Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

5. Contributions to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, Kuwait, 7 January 2015
Hon'ble Prime Minister has appealed to all Indian nationals to donate generously towards the relief and rehabilitation efforts for all those affected by the unprecedented floods in Jammu and Kashmir.
All Indian nationals/organizations in Kuwait wishing to contribute towards the PMNRF can do so either by cheque/draft/cash at the Embassy. All donations will be gratefully acknowledged. On-line contributions can also be made through the website of the Prime Minister's Office i.e.
Contributions from Indian Nationals for Prime Minister's National Relief Fund
(As on 07.01.2015, 17:00 hrs.)


Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

6. Repatriation of 24 Hospitalized Indians, Kuwait, 12 January 2015
In our efforts to help the distressed members of Indian community in Kuwait, the Embassy has been attending hospitalized destitute Indians in various hospitals in Kuwait and extending all possible assistance in their medical treatment by way of coordinating with doctors and facilitating their travel to India. It involved coordinating with sponsors to meet the expenditure for repatriation to India. In deserving cases, the monetary assistance from Indian Community Welfare Funds (ICWF) by way of their air tickets is also provided by the Indian Embassy. During the year 2014, Embassy’s representatives made 102 visits to various hospitals to attend to critical cases involving destitute Indians. By the efforts of medical authorities and help of Indian community, following 24 hospitalized Indians were repatriated to India.


Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

7. Quarterly analysis of the transportation of mortal remains to India, Kuwait, 13 January 2015
It has been our endeavour to assist in the earliest repatriation of mortal remains of Indian nationals who die in Kuwait. As cremation facilities are not permitted in Kuwait, it becomes necessary that many bodies are airlifted to India for final rites. Last year, 559 Indian nationals died in Kuwait.
During last three months (October-December 2014), there were 143 Indian deaths in Kuwait. Mortal remains of 112 Indian nationals were airlifted to India. The remaining 31 were buried in Kuwait as per the wishes of their family members. From those sent to India, 89 were transported within 1 - 5 days of reporting the death to the Embassy (4 days being the average time taken for transportation of the mortal remains).
The repatriation of mortal remains of 23 deceased persons, however, took longer time, ranging from 6 - 15 days. Delays in 23 cases occurred as police investigations were required to be conducted in cases of suicides, murders and traffic accidents. In some cases, local sponsors took time to complete formalities. Non-availability of flights and intervening holidays were among the other reasons contributing to delays in repatriation of mortal remains of Indian nationals from Kuwait.
Complete data of Indian nationals who have died in Kuwait since 1 July 2014 is available on the Embassy’s website.
Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

8. Causes of deaths of Indian nationals, Kuwait, 15 January 2015
During the year 2014, total 559 deaths of Indian nationals were registered in the Indian Embassy. Average age of death of these Indian nationals was found to be barely at 44.92 years — 42.8 years in domestic sector and 45.3 years in private sector. Gender-wise, in males average age at death was found to be 44.46 years, as against 47.47 years for females. The lowest average age of death of 41.9 years was found among Indian domestic males. A higher average age of death of 55.97 years was found in dependent females. Some causes for deaths at a considerably lower age among Indians in Kuwait are as below:
a). Heart attacks
This is the most worrying cause of Indian deaths in Kuwait. There were 237 out of a total 559 deaths or about 42.4 per cent. Heart attacks seem to be higher in males in the private sector vis-à-vis the domestic sector. The rate of heart attack among females is closer to one third that of males. Heart attack is often attributed to smoking, sedentary lifestyle, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, eating of fatty foods, sleep or rest deprivation, highly stressed working environment and lack of timely access to medical attention etc.
b). Natural causes
Deaths due to natural causes are approximately one third of total Indian deaths. Out of total of 180 natural deaths during the period, 141 are in the age group of 26-65 years. Natural causes include various types of illnesses (excluding heart attacks) such as cancer/other life-threatening diseases, resulting in death of Indians in Kuwait.
c). Traffic Accidents
This is also an area of serious concern as there were 56 deaths due to road accidents.
d) Suicides
Suicides among Indians are a cause of concern. Out of 32 suicide cases reported during the period, 16 suicides are from domestic sector and 13 from private sector. Out of these 16 suicides in domestic sector, 13 were in the age group of 26-45 years, pointing to the possibility that the younger population may be more prone to suicides. Some of the reasons for suicides attributed are high degree of work stress, financial indebtness and living away from home.
e). other causes of death
There were 24 deaths due to worksite accidents.
2. Conclusion
High deaths among Indian nationals in Kuwait are predominantly due to lifestyle problems and harsh working conditions, high degree of physical/mental stresses and lack of medical awareness. In order to create awareness on fatal heart attacks among Indians as well as suicides, traffic accidents and illnesses etc. the Indian Doctors’ Forum, Kuwait conducted a seminar on it in the month of November 2014. The video recording of the seminar is available on the Embassy website for public benefit. Regular check-up of blood pressure and sugar is advised for monitoring these developments right from the beginning. The Indian Associations in Kuwait are taking lead in organizing medical camps at frequent intervals for the benefit of the community.
Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

9. Indian Embassy participated in Hala February Festival, Kuwait, 18 January 2015
The 15th HALA FEBRUARY FESTIVAL (HFF) 2015 was inaugurated on 16 January 2015. The festival was organized with much zeal and enthusiasm near Kuwait Towers on Arabian Gulf Street. Hala Festival is being annually organized by the State of Kuwait since February 1999 mainly to promote tourism. HFF organizing committee organizes art, sports, live carnival shows, entertainment events, display of vintage vehicles and motorbikes during the month. The event witnessed participation by various agencies of the State of Kuwait and Diplomatic Missions of various countries. This year the festivities would last till 12 February, 2015.

The Embassy of India joined in the celebrations by participating in the opening ceremony on 16 January 2015. The Indian pavilion was exquisitely decorated with “Incredible India” posters, tourism material and other items. A large number of visitors came to the India pavilion and showed keen interest in the CDs of Incredible India, Islamic Monuments and Bridging Worlds (Routes to Roots) which was being shown on the LEDs from morning till evening. Many of them, especially children, took the opportunity to take photographs posing with the exhibits and enjoyed the show.
Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

10. Changes in the outsourcing agency of the Passport and Visa services of the Embassy of India , Kuwait, 19 January 2015
The present outsourcing agency of the Passport and Visa services of the Embassy of India, Bahrain (Application/Collection Centre) M/S OCTIC International has completed its period of contract and the new outsourcing agency M/S IVS Global Services Private Limited will start its operations from 22 January 2015.
The IPVAC (Indian Passport and Visa Application Centre) run by M/S IVS Global will be operating from their Office: 328, Yateem Centre, 111 Al Khalifa Avenue, 385 Manama, 304, Bahrain. The operational timing of new Outsourcing Agency will be 0800 to 1300 hrs. and 1600 to 2000 hrs from Saturday through Thursday. Documents can be submitted and collected anytime during the opening hours of the Centre. Their telephone number is 17211388 and the web-site address is and email id is
Visa application for Diplomatic, Official passports, OCI applications, Attestation, Power of Attorney and other affidavits will continue to be accepted at the Embassy.

All Passports due for delivery w.e.f. 22-29th January 2015 can be collected from the Embassy premises located at Bldg. No. 182, Road No. 2608, Adliya, 326, Bahrain between 1400-1600 Hrs on all working days. Telephone nos. 17712683 and 17712649.
Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

11. Indian Embassy celebrated 66th Republic Day of India, Kuwait, 26 January 2015
The 66th Republic Day of India was celebrated on 26 January 2015 in Kuwait at the Embassy premises by unfurling of the National Flag by Ambassador Sunil Jain. This was followed by the singing of National Anthem and reading out of the address to the Nation of the Hon’ble President of India by the Ambassador. Several patriotic songs were sung on this happy occasion. The highlights of the cultural function were scintillating performances by Carmel School-Khaitan, Integrated Indian School-Abbasiya, Kairali TV - Colours of Kuwait and Nanadanam School of Dance. The Embassy was colourfully decorated on this occasion with tri-colour balloons. An Open House Reception followed by serving all those present with parathas  chhole, gulab-jamuns, tea, juice and mineral water.

Despite heavy fog, about 3,000 Indian nationals from all walks of life in Kuwait, representing various Indian Associations, businesspersons, doctors, engineers, chartered accountants and domestic workers, as well as all the members of Embassy along with their family members, participated in the Republic Day function with great joy and enthusiasm.

The Ambassador extended his warm greetings to all members of the Indian community present in Kuwait. He also thanked H.E The Emir, H.H. The Crown Prince and H.H. The Prime Minister of Kuwait for their benevolence showered on Indian community in the friendly State of Kuwait. Some photographs taken on the occasion are attached.
Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

12. Doordarshan India channel available in Free-to-Air mode, Kuwait, 28 January 2015
Doordarshan India channel is available in Free-to-Air mode in Kuwait and rest of the Gulf region. The channel carried Live telecast of the Indian Republic Day celebrations on 26 January 2015. It will also carry live transmission of “Beating Retreat” Ceremony in New Delhi scheduled on 29 January 2015. Its downlink parameters are as under:-
Satellite    Hotbird-13B
Frequency    11.604 GHz
Polarization    Horizontal
FEC    5/6
Symbol rate    27.500 Msymbols/s
All interested may like to utilize the above Live-streaming series of Doordarshan.
Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

13. Mumbai based company sign contract with Kuwait University, Kuwait,  28 January 2015
Shapoorji Pallonji  Co. Ltd., Mumbai on 26 January 2015 signed a contract worth KD 150 million (about US$ 513 million) with Kuwait University (KU), Kuwait for Construction, Operation and Maintenance of the buildings of Colleges of Law, Social Sciences and Sharia and Islamic Studies in the Sabah Al-Salem University City. Shapoorji Pallonji operates in Kuwait with its local Joint Venture partner Al-Sager Trading and Contracting Company since January 2011.

The signing ceremony was attended by H.E. Dr. Bader Hamad Al-Essa, Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education of the State of Kuwait; Dr. Abdullatif Al-Bader, Director of Kuwait University; Dr. Qutaiba Abdul-Razzaq Razouki, Director of Kuwait University Construction Program (KUCP); Mohan Dass Saini, Managing Director and CEO, Shapoorji Pallonji International;  Aroon Sen, Country Head, Shapoorji Pallonji, Kuwait and Mohd. Yusuf Al-Sager, Chairman, Al Sager General Trading and Contracting Co., Kuwait.
H.E. Dr. Bader Hamad Al-Essa said that “the contract, which will be completed within four years, constitutes a big step towards the completion of the city project, since the Sabah Al-Salem University City is part of Kuwait's Development Plan.”
Source: Embassy of India, Kuwait

14. Republic Day celebration at Embassy Residence in Tripoli, Tripoli, 26 January 2015
The 66th Republic Day function was held at the Embassy Residence on  January 26, 2015. The function was organized despite the ongoing current civil strife and fragile security situation. Indian nationals and few families who continue to stay in Tripoli, including their Libyan friends, attended the function.  The members of the community were visibly very happy to be able to participate in the function.
Source: Embassy of India, Tripoli

15. Republic Day Hockey tournament on 24 Jan 2015 at Sultan Qaboos Sport Complex, Muscat, 16 January 2015
A festival of Hockey was organized by Team Coorg Muscat and Friends of Naqvi Group to commemorate the 60th year (Diamond Jubilee) Indo - Oman Ties and 66th Republic Day of India held on 24th of January 2015 at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex, Bousher, Sultanate of Oman. A large crowd had turned up to celebrate the event. Ambassador XI had won the 2015 Ambassador Cup. The Team Coorg Muscat won the Republic Day Cup 2015 The Hockey festival to celebrate the Republic Day was highly admired by the media, participant, audiences, guests and the sponsor's. This is 8th year in a row that the Team Coorg Muscat and Friends of Naqvi Group have organized three major events each year.
a. The Republic Day of India - 26 January
b. The Independence Day of India - 15 August
c. Dhyanchand Day - 29 August
Sheikh Mahfoodh Ali Juma - Al Juma, Chairman of Oman Hockey Association and a number of Omani lovers of Hockey also graced the occasion.
Source: Embassy of India, Muscat

16. Signing of MoU between India and Oman in the field of tourism, Muscat, 28 January 2015
The Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has given its approval to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for strengthening cooperation in the field of tourism, between the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and the Ministry of Tourism, Government of the Sultanate of Oman
The main objectives of the Memorandum of Understanding, amongst other things, are:
1. To expand bilateral cooperation in the tourism sector.
2. To exchange information and data related to tourism.
3. To encourage cooperation between tourism stakeholders including hotels and tour operators.
4. To establish exchange programme for cooperation in Human Resource Development.
5. To invest in the tourism and hospitality sectors,
6. To exchange visits of tour operators / media /opinion makers for promotion of two way tourism.
7. To exchange experiences in the areas of promotion, marketing, destination development and management.
8. To participate in travel fairs /exhibitions in each other's country and,
9. To promote safe, honourable and sustainable tourism.

India and Oman have enjoyed a strong historical and long economic and political relationship. The Sultanate of Oman is a strategic partner for India in the Gulf region and an important interlocutor in the bilateral, Arab Gulf Cooperation Council, the Arab League and the Indian Ocean Rim Association contexts. The two countries are linked by geography, history and culture. Both countries also enjoy warm and cordial relations, which can be ascribed to historical maritime trade linkages, intimacy of the Royal family with India and the seminal role of the Indian expatriate community in the building of Oman.

In recent years Oman has emerged as an important tourism source market for India in the West Asian region. During 2013, India received 62,252 visitors from Oman. Similarly India has emerged as one of the important source market for Oman in the field of tourism. Considering the mutual benefits, both India and Oman would like to create an institutional mechanism for enhancing cooperation in this sector. The signing of the MoU will further strengthen and further develop the established relationship between the Ministry of Tourism, Government of the Republic of India and the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Oman for strengthening cooperation in the field of tourism on reciprocal basis.
Source: Embassy of India, Muscat

17. Embassy of India Cricket Match, Muscat, 31 January 2015
Embassy XI defeated Gulf Cricket Centre (GCC) by nine wickets in an exhibition match that was played as part of the Republic Day of India Cricket Cup, organized by the Bhojpuri Wing of Indian Social Club, Muscat at the Oman Automobile Club Ground on 31 January 2015.
Source: Embassy of India, Muscat

18. India contributes US$ 4 Million as Budgetary Support to the Government of Palestine, Ramallah, 12 January 2015
On 12 January 2015, India transferred an amount of US$ 4 million as budgetary support to the Government of Palestine. The grant is in fulfilment to the commitment made by India to Palestine.

Representative of India, Mahesh Kumar presented the cheque of US$ 4 million to  Rami Hamdallah, Prime Minister of the State of Palestine. During the meeting, Prime Minister Hamdallah and Representative of India   discussed developments in the region and the ways and means to strengthen the bilateral relationship between India and Palestine.  Prime Minister Hamdallah expressed deep appreciation for India's continuous and firm support for the cause of Palestinian people. Prime Minister Hamdallah praised India for its contribution in human resource development, capacity building, and development assistance to Palestine.

Representative Mahesh Kumar took the opportunity to reiterate India's strong support for the cause of Palestine and solidarity with the Palestinian people for their struggle for a sovereign, independent, viable and united state of Palestine within secure and recognized borders, side by side at peace with Israel, and with East Jerusalem as its Capital.
Source: Representative Office of India, Ramallah

19. Scholarships for Saudi Students under its General Cultural Scholarship Schemes (GCSS), Riyadh 14 January 2015
The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), MEA, Govt. of India, New Delhi has announced offer of Scholarships for Saudi Students under its General Cultural Scholarship Schemes (GCSS) for the academic year 2015-16.

The details of the courses offered by the ICCR as well as general instructions to the applications and Application Forms etc. can be accessed in the attachment. The applicant should also download the following from the ICCR website:- :-
1. Application Form for Scholarship (which should be typed and not hand written);
2. Form of Certificate for Physical Fitness;
3. Financial Terms and Conditions;
4. Checklist for Scholars (filling application form);
5. List of Universities/Institutions where ICCR Scholars are currently admitted.
The interested applicants may go through the details provided in the attachment and submit their applications to this Mission well in time so that the same could be forwarded to the concerned authorities in India before the last date of application submission.
Source: Embassy of India, Riyadh

20. Vice President to lead delegation to condole death of King Abdullah of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, 24 January 2015
The Government and people of India have received with deep sadness and shock the news of the demise of His Majesty King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the passing away of His Majesty King Abdullah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has lost a leader and world an elder statesman. The achievements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under his leadership stand testimony to his vision.

India has maintained close and friendly relations with Saudi Arabia under the leadership of King Abdullah. These bonds have been especially strengthened by the presence of the large expatriate Indian community which has found a home in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Government of India has declared a day's mourning on Saturday 24 January 2015 and flags are being flown at half-mast. M. Hamid Ansari, Hon’ble Vice President is leading the Government of India delegation to convey our condolences on24 January 2015in Riyadh.

Hon President, Pranab Mukherjee, and Hon. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi have sent messages of condolences to His Majesty King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Source: Embassy of India, Riyadh

21. Indian Vice President arrives in Riyadh to offer condolences on the sad demise of the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Riyadh, 24 January 2015
Hon'ble Vice President of India, H.E. Mohammad Hamid Ansari accompanied by a high level delegation including Hon'ble Minister of State H.E. Mohd. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Hon'ble Member of Parliament H.E. Gulam Nabi Azad, H.E. M.J. Akbar and a number of senior officials of the Government of India arrived in Riyadh today to offer condolences on the sad demise of the Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, His Royal Highness Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Naif, Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, the Royal family and the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At the Riyadh airbase, Hon'ble Vice President and the accompanying delegation was received by His Royal Highness Prince Turki bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Riyadh Province, Deputy Minister of Royal Protocol H.E. Abdulaziz Al Oquaili, Ambassador of India to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia H.E. Hamid Ali Rao.

Also see Press Information Bureau website,
Source: Embassy of India, Riyadh

22. Advisory Note for Travellers from Syria to India, Damascus, 25 January 2015
Travellers between Syria and India are required to receive a dose of Oral Polio Vaccination (OPV) at least four week prior to departure regardless of age and vaccination status. This requirement has been put in place for individual protection of travellers as well as for reducing the risk of importation of polio virus into India.

Travellers should contact the local health authorities for vaccination with OPV and certificate of OPV vaccination.

The certificate of vaccination should accompany other documents when applying for visa, as required, and at the time of travel. To download the certificate of vaccination form click here.
Source: Embassy of India, Riyadh, Damascus

23. The 66th Republic Day of India was celebrated  at the Embassy of India, Tunis, 28 January 2015
The 66th Republic Day of India was celebrated with fervour at the Embassy of India in Tunis  on 26 January 2015. Nagma M. Mallick, Ambassador of India in Tunisia hoisted the tricolour at the Embassy premises in the presence of Indian citizens and friends of India gathered together. Thereafter, the Ambassador read President’s address to the nation. The Embassy of India hoisted a Reception to celebrate Republic Day the same evening at a hotel in Gammarth. H.E. Mohamed Saleh Ben Ammar, the Minister for Public Health, represented the Government of Tunisia at this event. In her speech, the Ambassador detailed the strengthening of the bilateral relationship that the past year had witnessed. She thanked the Government of Tunisia for their support in facilitating the evacuation of more than 3,000 Indians from Libya via Tunisia. She re-expressed the Government of India’s admiration for and support to the successful democratic transition in Tunisia. Minister Ben Ammar, in his remarks, expressed Tunisia’s admiration for the achievements made by the Republic of India over the years. He reiterated his government’s resolve to further strengthen bilateral cooperation with India in diverse fields. He saluted the expertise of the Indian pharmaceutical industry and expressed the hope that cooperation in the pharmaceutical sector between the two countries would grow. Several dignitaries, deputies of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People, members of diplomatic community, members of business and media communities attended the reception. Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, President of the Ennahda party conveyed his greetings for the people and Government of Tunisia.
Source: Embassy of India, Riyadh, Tunis

24. Advisory for Indian Nationals in Yemen, Sana, 21 January 2015
In view of the ongoing conflict and fragile security situation in Yemen, Indian nationals are advised to avoid all travel to Yemen, until further notification.

Our nationals in Yemen are advised to avoid conflict areas and to remain in contact with our Embassy in Sana’a for necessary advice and updated information on the evolving security situation. Indian nationals in Yemen may consider leaving the country on voluntary basis by commercial means, if it is safe to do so. Those nationals who do not have travel documents or need other consular services are advised to seek assistance from our Embassy in Sana’a.

The Indian Embassy in Sana’a has set up help lines which can be accessed for information or assistance as per contact details given below:

Tel Number- 00-967-734 000 658 ( Dilbag Singh)
00-967-734 000 657 (Ram Charan)
Indian Embassy:
Tel: 00-9671-433631/00-9671-433632
Fax: 00-9671-433630
Source: Ministry of External Affair , New Delhi

Crore: 1 Crore=10 million. Lakh=100,000

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