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1. Hong Kong issues travel alert for Bahrain, Jordan
Hong Kong, Wednesday, 16 February 2011
The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government has issued a low-level (amber) travel alert for Bahrain and Jordan in view of "recent developments" in the two countries.
Source: Xinhua

2. China says web 'open' despite Egypt news curbs
Beijing, Tuesday, 1 February 2011
While not explicitly denying that government censors were restricting the flow of information regarding the demonstrations against President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei stated that the Internet remained ‘open,’ despite allegations  of the State  censuring the topic, on micro blogs and web portals.
Source: AFP

3. China to send more flights to bring home nationals stranded in Egypt
Beijing, Tuesday, 1 February 2011
While two planes carrying more than 480 Chinese nationals stranded in Egypt took off from Cairo for Beijing and Guangzhou, the Civil Aviation Administration of China stated that they would do their best to organize more flights to Egypt to bring back more stranded Chinese nationals in time for the Chinese Lunar New Year.
Source: Xinhua

4. China supports Egypt's efforts to maintain social stability
Beijing, Thursday, 10 February 2011
The Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed its support for Egyptian efforts to maintain social stability and restore normal order, expecting its bilateral ties with Egypt to develop unaffected by the recent upheaval. It also expressed hope that Egypt’s affairs would be decided ‘independently, without any foreign interference.’
Source: Xinhua

5. Chinese FM has phone conversation with Egyptian counterpart
Abu Dhabi, Friday, 11 February 2011
The Chinese Foreign Minister on a visit to the UAE told his Egyptian counterpart over the phone, that China was paying close attention the situation in Egypt as it saw the country’s stability as vital to the region. Both sides also expressed satisfaction at the development of bilateral relations over the past year.
Source: Xinhua

6. China hails bilateral ties with Iran
Beijing, Monday, 14 February 2011
Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Zhai Jun met with the Iranian Ambassador to China Mehdi Safari and praised Iran’s achievements over the past three decades. He said that political cooperation between the two countries would continue to grow and was optimistic that bilateral trade volume would reach US$50 billion by the end of the current year.

7. Vice- Foreign Minister Zhai Jun Visits Iraq
Baghdad, Thursday, 24 February 2011
Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister Zhai Jun arrived in Iraq for a visit, a first such high level visit since the Iraq war of 2003. Towards furthering bilateral ties, among others he met the Iraqi President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.
Source: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Denmark

8. China opposes Israel's settlements construction in occupied Palestinian territory: Envoy
United Nations/New York, Saturday, 19 February 2011
After a UN Security Council voting on a draft resolution condemning Israel over the settlement activity (vetoed by the US) China stated that it, “resolutely opposes the construction of settlements by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territory and supports the legitimate demands of the Palestinian people.”
Source: Xinhua

9. Vice-Foreign Minister Zhai Jun Meets with Kuwaiti New Ambassador to China
Beijing, Wednesday, 16 February 2011
Vice-Foreign Minister Zhai Jun met the new Kuwaiti Ambassador to China Mohammad Saleh Althuwaikh in the Chinese Foreign Ministry and emphasised the importance of friendly cooperative ties between both countries.
Source: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Mauritius

10. Chinese envoy to attend Kuwait Liberation Day gala
Beijing, Thursday, 17 February 2011
A Chinese special envoy will attend the 20th anniversary ceremony of Kuwait's Liberation Day on 26 February, the Foreign Ministry announced.
Source: China Daily

11. Chinese peacekeepers leave for Lebanon
Chengdu, Saturday, 19 February 2011
The first batch of the eighth Chinese peacekeeping detachment to be posted in Lebanon, a 160 member team comprising of 130 engineering troops and 30 medical staff left for Lebanon.
Source: Xinhua

12. China "very concerned" about Libya situation, vows to protect nationals
Beijing, Tuesday, 22 February 2011
The Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed concern at the current situation in Libya and vowed to protect its nationals and firms in the country and hoping for an early restoration of social stability and political order. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce urged Chinese businesses in Libya to pay increased attention to their security and suggested that Chinese businessmen planning to visit Libya postpone their plans.
Source: Xinhua; Also See Xinhua

13. China makes all-out effort to evacuate nationals from Libya
Beijing, Thursday, 24 February 2011
Following the orders of the Chinese President and Premier, Beijing is carrying out an all-out effort to withdraw all Chinese (including those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) out of Libya. This operation includes efforts by air, sea and land.
Source: Xinhua; Also See Xinhua

14. China moves out 4,000 workers from Libya
Beijing, Thursday, 24 February 2011
As China gears up for the eventual evacuation of 30,000 Chinese workers from Libya, a first batch of 4,000 boarded ships leased from Greece and would arrive at the Island of Crete (Greece).
Source: People’s Daily Online

15. China urges Libyan authorities to ensure safety of foreign nationals
Geneva, Saturday, 26 February,2011
Concerned at the situation in Libya, China urged Libyan authorities to take concrete and solid measures to ensure the safety and legitimate rights of all foreign nationals in the country.
Source: Xinhua

16. China's all-out effort to evacuate nationals from Libya continues
Beijing, Monday, 28 February 2011
In keeping with its efforts to evacuate its citizens from Libya, some 29,000 Chinese nationals have been pulled out and of whom about 23,000 and 3,400 are respectively taking shelter at and heading for other countries(Greece, Malta and Tunisia mostly).
Source: Xinhua; Also See, Xinhua

17. China sends military transporters to bring home Libya evacuees
Beijing, Monday, 28 February 2011
The Chinese Ministry of National Defence confirmed the deployment of four military transporters (IL – 76 Transport Aircraft) to bring home its stranded nationals in Libya.
Source: Xinhua

18. China respects south Sudan referendum results
Beijing, Tuesday, 8 February 2011
Expecting a full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced that it respected the results of the Sudanese referendum and appreciated the efforts of both the North and the South in the peace process.

19. Vice-Foreign Minister Zhai Jun Visits Sudan
Tuesday, 22 February 2011
Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister Zhai Jun visited Sudan and met with the President and the Foreign Minister of the country and attended the signing ceremony of the agreement on the Chinese government’s assistance to Sudan. Both sided hailed their friendly bilateral cooperation.
Source: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in India

United Arab Emirates
20. China, UAE vow to strengthen relations
Abu Dhabi, Thursday, 10 February 2011
Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on an official visit to the UAE expressed China’s willingness to deepen friendship, broaden cooperation, and enhance coordination with the country. He also praised the support of the UAE over Xinjiang and human rights issues.
Source: Xinhua

Economic Issues:
21. Algeria and China: Partners Ink Economic, Technical Agreement
Algiers, Friday, 18 February 2011
A Sino-Algerian agreement on economic and technical cooperation was signed by the Algerian Foreign Ministry General Secretary and the Chinese Ambassador to reinforce the ‘Algerian-Chinese cooperation several sectors of activities.’
Source: El Moudjahid

22. Algeria encourages investment from China
Algiers, Thursday, 3 February 2011
Algerian Minister of Public Works Amar Ghoul stated that the government encourages Chinese investment in Algeria during his talks with the CEO of the China State Construction and Engineering Corporation on the building of a cement plant and a bitumen plant.
Source: Global Arab Network

23. Iran firm signs $US13b rail deal with China
Wednesday, 9 February 2011
The Iranian state-run Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructure Company and China have signed a contract of around US$13 billion to build a railway network extending 5,300 kilometres in Iran. This in spite of sanctions imposed on Iran over its controversial nuclear programme.
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

24. Iran-China trade volume reaches $38bn
Beijing, Sunday, 13 February 2011
The chairman of the Sino-Iranian Chamber of Commerce announced that the volume of Iran’s trade with China has reached US$38 billion from just US$7 billion ten years ago. He also stated that, both countries have drawn plans to increase the volume of this trade to US$50 billion by 2015, by focusing on joint projects.

25. China to invest $2.5bn in Iran oilfield
Tehran, Friday, 25 February 2011
Naji Saadouni, President of Iran's Petroleum Engineering and Development Company, was quoted saying that China is to invest US$2.5 billion, in developing Iran's South Azadegan oilfield along the border with Iraq.
Source: AFP

26. Israel’s export to China has leaped to 2 billion USD in 2010
Shanghai, Wednesday, 9 February 2011
Israel’s export to China has doubled in 2010 compared to 2009 and its import from China is expected to reach US$4.7 billion, disclosed its Consulate in Shanghai.
Source: Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai

27. Israel Chemicals in China deals for 500,000 tonnes potash
Tel Aviv, Sunday, 13 February 2011
Fertiliser and specialty chemicals maker Israel Chemicals announced that it had signed several contracts in China to supply 500,000 tonnes of potash in the first half of 2011.
Source:  Reuters

28. China considering increasing financial assistance to Jordan
Amman, Thursday, 10 February 2011
Noting that China is interested in expanding economic cooperation with Jordan, the Chinese Ambassador to Jordan announced that the Chinese government is considering increasing financial assistance to the Hashemite kingdom.
Source: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Jordan

29. Sino-Kuwait Integrated Refining Project to start this year
Guangzhou, Friday, 25 February 2011
The Sino-Kuwait Oil Refining Project will start this year, according to a report published by the provincial government of Guangzhou.

30. Kuwait's crude oil exports to China up 20.7 percent
Tokyo, Friday, 25 February 2011
According to figures released by the Chinese General Administration of Customs, Kuwaiti crude oil exports to China rose 20.7 percent in January from the previous month. Kuwait provided 3.0 percent of China's total crude oil imports, compared to the 2.6 percent in December.
Source: Kuwait News Agency

31. China's leading construction company halts projects in Libya amid unrest
Shanghai, Monday, 28 February 2011
The state-owned China Construction, China’s leading off-shore construction outsourcing company announced the suspension of its projects in Libya owing to the unrest there.
Source: Xinhua

32. China oil producer CNPC halts Libya production
Monday, 28 February 2011
China’s largest oil and gas producer, the China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) announced that it had halted all production in strife-torn Libya and had evacuated all its employees from the country.
Source: France 24/AFP

33. Morocco: China third trading partner with $3.22 billion volume
Morocco (Rabat), Monday, 14 February 2011
China became the third largest trading partner of Morocco in 2010, with a trading volume of 26.8 billion Dirhams (US$3.22 billion), continuing the steady improvement of bilateral trade relations.
Source: Global Arab Network

34. Morocco, China sign financing agreement on Berchid-Beni Mellal highway
Morocco (Rabat), Monday, 14 February 2011
China and Morocco have signed a US$248 million memorandum of understanding to build the Berchid-Beni Mellal highway.
Source: Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in China; Also See

35. Oman’s oil exports up; China is top importer
Muscat, Monday, 28 February 2011
According to the Ministry of National Economy of Oman, the Sultanate’s oil exports in January 2011 rose by 16.9 percent (compared to the same month in 2010) and exports to China represented 42.3 percent of the total volume, making it the top importer of Oman’s oil.
Source: Times of Oman

Saudi Arabia
36. Saudi Arabia-China trade increases 33%
Beirut, Friday, 18 February 2011
Bilateral trade between China and Saudi Arabia grew 33 percent to reach US$43.18 billion as compared to 2009 and is expected to grow to US$60 billion by 2015.
Source: Gulf News

37. China to build new Sudan airport in Khartoum
Tuesday, 15 February 2011              
A state-owned China Communications Construction Company has signed a US$1.2 billion contract to build a new airport in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum.
Source: BBC News Africa

38. Chinese cultural week kicks off in Israel
Be’er Sheva, Sunday, 13 February 2011
The Chinese cultural week started in Israel and in this period, Shaolin Kung fu and modern dances will be performed and photos from the Shanghai World Expo will be exhibited in Be'er Sheva, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
Source: China Daily

39. Turkey, China to increase religious cooperation
Ankara, Thursday, 17 February 2011
The Islamic Association of China (IAC) and the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs met and pledged to enhance religious cooperation, through culture, education, training, organizing pilgrimages etc, to facilitate friendship and cooperation between their two peoples.
Source: Xinhua

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