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Presidential Election, Yemen February 2012

* Date of Election:             21 February 2012
* No. of Candidates:             1
* Candidate profile:              Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi
* Acting President from November 2011
* Former Vice president of Yemen since 1994
* Candidate was jointly nominated by the main Opposition coalition Joint Meeting parties (JMP) and the ruling General People’s Congress(GPC)
* The total voter turnout was 60 percent
* The president shall have a term of 2 years followed by another Presidential election.
* According to the Election rules, there was no minimum turnout for the vote to be valid.
* Last Election was held in 2006 when Ali Abdullah Saleh of General People’s Congress (GPC) won by 96.2 percent of the votes polled
* Total Number of Registered Voters: 10,243,364
o Apart from the registered voters, those who attained the legal age for franchise, were also allowed to vote
* Total Number of Votes: 6,660,093
* Invalid votes: 8,927
* Total Valid Votes: 6,651,166
* Total Votes in favour: 6,635,192 (99.8 percent)
* Total vote against: 15,974
* The Elections were conducted by Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER).
* Results announced by SCER Chairman Mohammad Hussein al-Hakimi on 24 February 2012.
* On 25 February, Hadi was sworn as President and took over power and there would be a ceremonial event on Monday.

Source: Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum announces victory of Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi, 24 February 2012, (SCER), Republic of Yemen

Compiled by Dipanwita Chakravortty

Dipanwita Chakravortty is a research student in the School of International Studies, JNU. Email

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